Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys, Less Stinky Too

The tree and it's trimmings are stuffed away for another year. The kisses were kissed for the new year and we are officially out of the thick of it. Here at Casa De La Beebs we had a pretty awesome holiday blitz. The essential 3 F's were present and accounted for (family, friends, and food). I think all of us gained a few pounds. Blame it on my cbb's baby! (Cheesy bacon balls. Yum!)

Now that 2014 is already burning up the calendar pages, I would like to note that I have passed my 3rd blogoversary! Yay for writing and such! My favorite part of writing is knowing that my readers can laugh with me. Life is funny. I find things to laugh at all the time, not excluding myself. Half the time I forget to write it down, but every once in a while, l'll remember something totally inappropriate I've done and I share it. Like having a pillow fight with my nephew in the Target check out lines, as if we were all alone. Also, letting him get the last hit in the busy parking lot. Even if it was the full face rearranging kind. I so wanted to retaliate, but I'm 33 and he is 8. Rest assured next time we hang out, I'm serving him a Diet Coke with Mentos ice. Sweet, sweet revenge will be mine!!!!

In other news, I'm still off the ciggarettes!! I'm slowly converting the rest of the world with me. Not smoking is wonderful. The world is also a very stinky place. Sadly, my husband has had two chest colds since he quit smoking. He is threatening to start smoking again. I hope he doesn't! The occasional cravings are hard enough. The wierdest craving trigger yet has to have been watching some cartoon on Adult Swim. One of the characters  had a smoke behind his ear, and suddenly my brain was awash with thoughts of ciggarettes. I puffed on my e-cig and reminded myself of how nasty they taste. I am retraining my brain after 19 years of smoking. It's not easy. 

In my typical tradition of not setting resolutions but goals, I have declared three things to be on my list:

1. To keep off the cigarettes! 

2. To remodel the bathroom. We needed a new shower like 2 years ago. 2 bondo patches later, and I'm sick of having to stand in the very cold back side of the tub. Shaving my legs is an Olympic sport!  So over it!!

3. To be happy. Now, don't freak out y'all!! This does not mean I am unhappy! Because I am happy. But, I plan on blocking the bullshit from my boots. I know sometimes you can't avoid it. Some times the bullshit has a tendency to stick to your shoes and come in uninvited. Let me give a warning now: check your shoes at the door, and leave your mess behind. I don't want your stink around. Yee-haw.

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