Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Love Thy Jerk Neighbor, and A Pig Flies!

Yea. Some one tipped over my honey bucket alright...
What do you think of when your doorbell rings at 6:30 am? I think it's the cops, and someone is dead, or something equally horrible has happened. No one ever hears someone knocking on their door that early in the morning and thinks, "YAY! Party!". Well when the doorbell rang this morning, I woke up my husband. I was preparing for the worst. Thankfully, it was just the neighbor directly behind us. Who informed us that my dog has been waking him up every morning with his barking for the past 5 mornings, and he thought he would return the favor by waking us up and letting us know. Tomorrow morning, I plan on ringing his doorbell at 5:30 am, and apologizing for the dogs barking. Because, that would be the neighborly thing to do, right? 
My dog and I are so sorry, so we baked you some brownies!

Once the bad day ball got to rolling, it just took off. I'm still trying to catch it. In the wake of this mornings issues which just put me in a shitty frame of mind already, I left my house without my lunch. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but it is today. Thankfully, I have packets of cream of wheat at the office, and will not starve. But in all reality I would prefer to go home, and call this day over. These are the days that I miss drinking alcohol the most. I have 3 more days of torture before we can party like it's 2005. Friday Mr. Pigglesworth turns SEVEN.
He's wacky and cute!
 My heart breaks, and is full of pride at the same time. Just seven short years ago, he was a wrinkled, old man looking baby. Even back then we knew he would be the center of our universes. Now, he is teaching me how to throw a baseball like a boy, and making me be the trailer to his boat in the pool. Apparently, I am also the "slow horse", which I take exception to. Day by day I am hopefully perfecting his common sense with my general silliness and crazy proclamations. He doesn't believe me when I tell him I let my dogs drive my car to Papa and Gigi's. But at least he laughs, and tells me "Nuh uh!". Which is good, I want him to have more common sense than most people I meet these days. Recently my sister and her husband took the kids for the Orlando dream vacation, to America's most expensive wonderland. While he was there, he took the plunge off a 120 ft high water slide without batting an eye. He just marched right up there, said "bye" to his parents, and went flying down the slide. Fearless. His birthday will be fun, and yes he will be even more spoiled than he was before, but that's okay, because we love him, and that's what families do. Happy Birthday Mr. Pigglesworth!

It's called the Summit Plummet, and according to him, it was AWESOME!

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