Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
It isn't much, but it is mine. It can be a zoo.

Please keep your hands and feet tucked in at all times.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Drama Queen In Me

Today is Tuesday the 31st, and I have officially died inside. Not only did the Rabid Chihuahua come to town to visit first thing Monday morning, and will probably be here all week, the weather is crappy, and my hair do is a total hair don't. Also, I am 100% sick of this back pain. It should be gone by now. I know, I am being whiney, but I am tired!! Plus, my drama queen side has taken over. Better watch out for my triple z snaps!
Oh NO You Didn't!!

But at the end of my crappy week, there is a rainbow waiting for me. Little Miss Lillian will be coming home. She isn't so little anymore, and I am not surprised. I didn't think she would be a little dog. Now it is time to get the house prepared. All things big enough for little mouths must be put out of reach, and gates will go up! Gonna put the house on puppy lockdown. Watch out!

Puppy has been very, very bad. Mommy need a Valium...

The Gauntlet is coming to a close for us thankfully. 5 major holidays and 7 birthdays to celebrate in 5 months is a bit much, but we are bound and determined to make it happen! This year's closing ceremonies will be very festive if all goes to plot. I think we did a wonderful job of not going bankrupt this year. That is always a concern for us. They aren't repossessing the house and cars, so we are doing okay! I can't wait for Feb 18th. It has been a long road of cooking, shopping, entertaining, wrapping, eating, and drinking. It is always fun, and worth it, but it is also very exhausting. Maybe after this is over I will take a writing class, or a cake decorating class... Or maybe I will just sleep in! Yea that sounds great. Wake me up in a week!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Pappy-shmappy-doodlehiemer!!

Today is a very special day in Beebslandia. We have a birthday to celebrate with the neighboring kingdoms. The guest of honor is the the one that taught us all we needed to know to be a decent human in this world. He is our example of sympathy, empathy, the golden rule, and effortless kindness. He showed us that working for what you have is the only way to truly call it yours, and that even when your family has lost their minds, you still hold love for them in your heart, no matter what. He is the reason I love reading, and can go from listening to classical music to Latino rock without blinking. Daddy is turning 58 years old today. Which is an impressive feat for an old hippie redneck who took on a battle about 10 years ago with the big "C" and won.

He shows the patience of a saint, and that happens to be one thing I wish I inherited more of from him. That and his math skills, and his blue eyes. My sister got his looks, and his compassion, and I look like his mother, and got his love of crafting and creating. But one thing you don't have to be related to him to get from him is generosity. (He has endless supplies.) He is always good for a laugh too. My sister and I get our sarcastic sense of humor from him. Our family is never lacking in laughter, and some of the funniest things we hear are Daddy's off the cuff remarks. We lovingly call them "Johnny-isms". Some are not for public ears/eyes. But some are just downright hilarious.
"It was so weak it couldn't run a piss ant's motorcycle around a peanut shell." This is speaking in terms of truck torque and horsepower. Daddy is a Ford man. All others suck. Deal with it.  

"You are letting your alligator mouth over run your tadpole butt." I personally heard this one a few times while growing up. I would guess it still applies!

"He couldn't pour rain out of a boot with a hole in the toe and directions on the heel." Well, this one is pretty self explanatory isn't it?

 He could be a history professor, a mechanic, an admiral in the Navy, and so many other things he is good at, or just knows about. But he isn't. He is a humble man that takes pride in his family, and is such an outstanding Papa to his grandson, he makes me want to have kids that much more. Happy 58th birthday to you Daddy. Thanks for always being there, and for making us into the family we are today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing: Weekend Edition

Well it is Friday. Thank Frijj┼Ź! After two ill days, I am still feeling old and crusty. But it is nothing that a hot shower/ hair cut and coloring/ chocolate fest/ oil change and car wash won't fix. Plus, getting pics from the Bestie showing me how big my pup is getting, and seeing my precocious nephew just add to the improvement of my condition. For the first time in 6 months, the husband and I will have the house to ourselves for an entire weekend. I am not exactly sure what that really means for us, but I have a feeling it should be significant. Tonight I am doing my sister a favor and helping her entertain her husband's new employee and his lady friend. These are the things that sisters do for each other! There are other things, but this is one I am willing to reveal.

Just imagine one with brown hair, and brown eyes...

This week was a busy one. I protested SOPA / PIPA as best I could, I made spaghetti sauce with ground turkey, and I cleaned the house. I did walk, but missed the past two days due to feeling like doodie. My goal is to go at least 2 miles now. I don't doubt I can do it, but I will have to rearrange my schedule, or get a new head chef at the house. It wouldn't be good if we ate at 8pm every night. I could get up in the morning, but that would mean getting up at 5 am. If you don't know how much I hate waking up early, let me give you a small clue:

This was after a good night's rest too...
This weekend I have no plans other than the ones I was arm-twisted into. I have no cravings, so nothing to epic to chase down and cook. These are the weekends I look most forward to, because anything or nothing could happen. Either way, I am good. Valentine's day is coming up here very soon, and I have to get on the ball. We don't normally go out to eat that weekend because every one else does. You guys can fight each other for the best tables, we are good! I will cook a nice dinner, make desert as I do every year. I have already blown our cute love story on last year's blog post, so this year I will focus on the food, and tokens of love. Since our housemate is livin' la vida loca sans girlfriend, I will include him in my planning. But what to make is the issue! I better start doing some research now! Just DAYS after, my sister turns 29 for the first time, for the rest of her life. I have plans. I'm not afraid to use them!
This file will self destruct in 2 whiskey and cokes...

Have a wet and wild weekend my friends. If you try not to walk in Monday with that "Dude where's my car" look on your face, well then so will I. There is strength in numbers, or so I hear...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Survived... The Second Week of January

Goodbye Jan 9-13th 2012. I shall not miss you!
So the second week of the year is almost over, and I couldn't be happier. This week has brought me a two day visit from the Rabid Chihuahua, and funeral for a very young woman. Both of which have left me shaken. The first was an exercise in patience for me. The Chihuahua was very needy this visit, and was quite upset that after I busted my arse putting together 15 presentations for her, I was busy helping put together a huge project for someone else. Well, who was going to call her next appointment  to tell them she was running late?!  That person was NOT me, and she didn't like it. Then she drove her unhappy neurotic self home, and left me in peace. THANK GOODNESS! The second event was a very sad affair that still doesn't make sense, and seems unreal. Spending an hour and a half with a shocked and upset family isn't exactly the best thing to do on a Tuesday night after work. I am glad I went and paid my respects, but I would say if I could go back and do it again, I would wait till the casket was closed. It further solidified my desires to be cremated, and refuse the makeup and half clothes they dress you up in. I do not want to be a doll for my family to mourn. Ick.

The Duchess Lillian of Beebslandia

In less morbid news, it is getting closer to the time my newest addition to The House Of Beebs comes home. She is just turning 1 month and 4 days old today, so I have to wait a couple more weeks for her to be ready, but little Ms. Lillian, will be gracing our home with her puppy breath soon enough. Because my BFF is awesome, she let the puppies and the mama stay with me while she was in town for the holidays, so I had a chance to snuggle and bond with my little one before she comes home for good. I'm not 100% sure if Hans will take a shine to her immediately, because she will be pretty little, and very mommy dependent for a while. But I know the bigger she gets the more they will play, and soon, his jealousy will wane, and they will be buds. The cats however, may declare mutiny. I've got to watch my back....

Kitty snipers in my back yard. Gotta wear my vest to take the dogs out.

I have a beautiful niece turning 2 years old this weekend, and a nephew recovering from strep throat. Much love and attention will be lavished on them as soon as I see them. (While using a gallon of hand sanitizer of course!) Other than loving on the little ones and attending a toddlers party, I have plans of cleaning out my bedroom, and possibly cooking some chili and cornbread for dinner. Last Sunday I was on a baking kick, and made bread pudding, and strawberries & creme cake.  This week, I am not so much into cooking as I am into eating. I have been STARVING all day long since I started exercising. Snacks have been consisting of one or two clementines. Nom. Today was carrots and a wedge of low fat cheese. I need to expand my healthy food horizons. I may attempt to make my chili with half ground turkey, and half beef. The boys may fight that idea, but fat and calories must be cut! I was told no more sodas were to be purchased for the home. I laughed at that idea. Me sans Diet Coke? That is not a smart idea. Ever.

It's there.

Life can be so crazy sometimes. Almost all of us have gone through those periods of time when, Nothing. EVER. Goes. Right. It can seem like an eternity for your off kilter life to get back in balance, only to have another event rock you to your core. I have been there, more than a few times. I am sympathetic to many who have started the year off on a bad note. It is disheartening at times to watch people go through such tragedies. But there isn't much to do other learn what you can from it, and survive these events. You may never recover what was lost, but there is almost always something gained. No matter if it is hope, or appreciation of those around you, or a gain in your own inner strength, there is a silver lining to that dark cloud. It may be hard to see right now, but it's there, I promise.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Blogaversary!

My favorite part about sharing my life with those who take time to read my weekly posts is that the possibility that I made you laugh, or even cheered you up. Even if I made just one person smile, it is worth every moment of my time that I spend on this. I wanted something special for my "blogaversary". My readers have come back to my page well over 2000 times, and for that, you deserve to see a piece of what makes my world go round. I thought a guest contributor would do the trick. I sat and thought about all the wonderful people in my family that I could ask to write a spot for me. There was only one clear choice, The Gatekeeper to my Key master; El Grande Beebs.

I was excited for his special guest spot, and was thinking the entire thing would be brilliant! But in order for my world to work correctly, the bottom dropped out of that plan at 11:30 pm last night when he hadn't mentioned the post again. Of course, I should suspect nothing less, and therefore, had a back up plan! I hope you enjoy this guest spot from my sister blog What A Beebs Eats. The following pictures and recipe comes from The one and only El Grande Beebs. I personally requested this dish this past weekend, because of it's cheesy goodness. This dish is a quick favorite of all who partake, and the recipe is meant to feed a small army, or a few of our family members. Hope you enjoy!!

Migas Con Fajitas de El Grande Beebs

This is a very large pan of epic breakfast goodness.
The following recipe is not Mexican or American, it is exclusively Tex-mex. Living so close to the Texas/ Mexico border, we have grown up with our forks on both sides of the Rio Grande. Migas translated in English means crumbs. This recipe utilizes left overs, which makes it smart, and delicious, just like El Grande Beebs. So break out the sombreros, and get ready for a fiesta in your boca (mouth).

1/2 bag of left over corn tortilla chips (NOT STALE!!)
3/4 stick of butter
2 tbs dried onion
1 tbs minced garlic
1 dozen eggs
1/2 cup half and half
1 1/4 cup of your favorite salsa (Pace Picante works well too, and no need to get a rope)
12oz package of shredded cheddar and monterrey jack cheese
Leftover beef or chicken fajitas

Step 1:
Heat large skillet to med low, melt your butter and add the onion and garlic. Cook until onions are slightly browning. Lightly crush corn chips, and add to the butter mixture. Toast to a golden brown perfection. Add leftover fajita meat to a pan, sprinkle with water, and stir occasionally on low temp.
Reheat your fajitas and make those chips toasty brown
Step 2:
Whisk together the eggs and half an half thoroughly. Add salt and pepper as you please, but don't forget the chips are salty. Add egg mixture to the toasted chips, and make sure to distribute the chips in the eggs.

eggs, milk, whisk get to it!

Step 3:
When the eggs are almost completely done, add your salsa and lightly fold into migas. Add your cheese on top and serve.
So very close to done, but something is missing.... 
Step 4:
Serve with Beebs' Own Guacamole, and sour cream. Don't forget the tortillas, and divy up the fajita meat.
You can't handle the deliciousness that is shown in this picture. I know. It's okay.

Adios from The House of Beebs, and a big thanks to my special guest chef, and photographer, El Grande Beebs!