Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Year Bites The Dust

In a few short days, 2011 is coming to a close. It is pretty amazing to think that 12  years ago, we were in a panic and worried that the world would shut down because all the computers calendars weren't going to roll over to 2000. The entire world was braced for global melt down because our calculators weren't Y2k safe.

Your cheerios will become soggy! Your pets heads will fall off!
We all sat around our televisions waiting for everything to come crashing down around us and 3..2..1... nothing. Not a damn thing happened. We whipped ourselves into a frenzy over nothing. Now we are stepping into 2012. Many think that the Aztec's predicted that our time in this universe ends on Dec 21st 2012 or that that specific date marks the day Jesus will come back to Earth, and the rapture will begin. Others believe that a huge change will take over, and we will enter a new age. These are all guesses, and highly interpreted predictions. No one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow, let alone what is going on almost a full year from now. If it is all true there is NOTHING we can do to stop it. Short of fighting off aliens or a zombie virus outbreak, you can't fight back if the world is going to implode, or something massive slams into our planet. So get your emergency kits stocked and be ready for anything like you ALWAYS should be, and go on about your life. Taping up the windows will do you no good at this moment.

Just add 1/2 cup disaster and mix!!!

So, as usual, I don't do new years resolutions. I think telling myself and everyone else around me that starting the first of the year, I plan to do anything besides sleep is a lie. A big fat ugly lie. I will do you a favor and not lie to you, if you do the same for me. However, I do set goals for myself. Nothing that is too radical that I am setting myself up for failure, but at the same time they are things that usually help to improve myself.

Goal 1 is to write more, and improve my skills. I may never publish a best seller, but I will try to entertain anyone who attempts to read my work. Goal 2 is to use the treadmill I received for Christmas. It is nice, and really expensive, so I feel obligated to use it. (that was the plan all along wasn't it Mom? Clever.) Goal 3 is to cook healthier meals, and like it. The last part of that goal is the hardest. But, I can do it. Although, I 100% refuse to bake cookies with anything less than full leaded butter and sugar. There are some things that shouldn't be sugar or fat free, and desserts is one of those things! Goal 4 is to make our poorly designed bathroom into a true master bath. In fact, I am about ready to start knocking down walls.... Guess I need to clean some stuff out first... Okay first clean, then destroy! Goal 5 is more like a life long goal. I plan to make myself happy. Enough said. Last but not least, goal 6 is to make sure my friends and loved ones know how much I love and appreciate them. Without all of their widely ranging personalities in my life, I would have a dull existence. I have been telling my nearest and dearest that I love them more often. I do love you, and I want you to know it. Never forget it. Let's all get tattoos, and yours will say "Beebs Loves Me, Por Vida", and mine will say "I'm Beebs, and I approve that message."

Yes, something like this....
Have a happy and safe new year. Thanks for reading my blog, and possibly caring about what I have to say. I started this blog for my entertainment, and a happy side effect is others sometimes enjoy what I do too. It has been almost a year, and I haven't stopped posting yet. I think it is amazing that I have stuck with it, and mainly it is because I log on and see how many people actually read my blog. It excites me to know you are coming back to read the words I put here. As of this moment I am 20 views shy of 2000. That is an accomplishment for me! Thanks again readers. I love you. Por Vida.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays/Festivus!!

So you know that "Murphy" guy with his "laws"? I think we should form an angry mob and hunt him up. He has made these past few days hell for me. What happened? Oh, well, just when I thought the medical issues were a thing of the past, my husband is out of no where struck down with a massive ear infection. For days he suffered, and on his 2nd dr visit, yesterday finally got some relief. Dr's visits aren't free, and neither are the meds. Thankfully he is getting better, and should be feeling pretty good for Christmas day. But wait that's not all! Unexpected bills, sewing machine stopped working while I was in the middle of my project, and my sinuses are STILL bothering me!
Bring us the one you call "Murphy", the one who makes the absurd laws!

 But you know what? I am still excited about Christmas! I plan on baking cookies tonight, and finishing up the last sock puppy. I am still missing a couple of gifts, but I will work it out, and my family will be together this holiday. Not all is ruined, except for my nerves. Oh, and my finger nails...

I call it "TannenBombed"
Yes, I know it looks horrible. This was my second attempt at the water marbling technique I have been seeing all over the web. I am showing you the better hand, trust me, the other one looks even worse. I will take pity on myself tonight, and fix it after I am done baking. But today at work, I am rocking this hot mess all day! The hubby said I should paint candy stripes. I can't do marbling, and you expect me to paint stripes?! No thanks, one color will do! Fussing with my nails isn't as important as getting my baking/candy making done. Which will be at the top of my list this evening.

The office will be closed half day on Friday and all day Monday. So I will at least have 1/2 day on Friday to knock out the remainder of my list of things to do.Saturday, the ladies and I are delivering the toys and goodies we have for our adopted family, and from there on, I will be on Christmas break. Do not disturb, and if you do, bring a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a bag of ice! 

I choose, ALL OF THEM!!
So this year has been a pretty good one. I have many wonderful things to look forward to in 2012, the least of which is exactly a year from today, but that is a totally different subject, for me to dwell on next week. This week, my musings lead me to the "reason for the season". My mom and dad were NOT religious one bit growing up. We had no lessons of Jesus, or God. I have always been an "Agnostic Athiest ", and will be for the rest of my life. I do not begrudge anyone their right to celebrate what ever they wish to celebrate. Christmas is about what you want it to be. I choose to make it a celebration of my family and friends, just as my parents have always done. So celebrate what ever you want to celebrate, however you want to celebrate it. Don't worry about anyone else's feelings but your own. Also, don't worry about what anyone else is doing. Say Merry Christmas, or say Happy Holidays, put up lights, don't put up lights, do as you please. Come Christmas Eve you will find my non religious family singing along to "O Come All Ye Faithful", not because we believe Christ was born on Dec 25, but because it is a beautiful song, and we are corny and like to sing carols. Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Festivus. Enjoy your holiday, doing what ever it is you like to do. Much Love From The House of Beebs!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Face Is Numb! Merry Christmas!

December is hands down the busiest month out of all the months for me. If I am not shopping, I'm cooking, or wrapping, or spreading my personal brand of cheer. It takes planning, multiple lists, and epic amounts of Diet Coke to stay on track and get it all done before Dec 25th. But of course the cosmos sees that I am busy doing, seeing, and getting, and decides it is time to throw a wrench in my works with a severe allergy attack combined with a lovely chest cold. In order to get over this illness, I spent no less than $110 on a doctor visit and some medications to "reduce the symptoms", and while I am not coughing up my lungs, my face is numb from the codeine in the putrid flavored cough syrup they prescribed me. I am not wholly sure why the only thing I can taste is the one thing I wish I couldn't taste, but I will continue to do as told by my Doctor, because we have 11 days till Christmas. And I have many, many, MANY more things to do before the 25th.

Making more of these sock puppies is tops on my list!!
I began to make my stuffed animals for the kids this past weekend. The first pattern I used was easy enough, except that it took me 2 1/2 hours of cursing and sewing to get done. That is the vaguely dog-shaped thing you see lying next to Mr. Scruffles. (yea, I named my first born sock puppy. So what!) I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be, but instead my sister got a new ornament for her tree! SO back to the drawing board and the store. With 2 socks, stuffing, buttons, ribbon ,and string Mr. Scruffles came to be. (Thanks Martha Stuart! Pattern Can Be Found Here ) Even with my limited sewing knowledge, and having no feelings in my face, I did am okay job. My second is almost done, and not too bad if I do say so myself. I only have 3 more to make, and I will stop. I still need to bake cookies, and make candies. The rest of my list will be checked off this weekend if I can help it any, and I will hopefully start Christmas week as cool, calm and collected as I planned on feeling. Instead of how I feel at the moment:

Stress Much?
But all is not a total an complete "fluster cluck" yet. I mean, yes, my hubby's body is falling apart rapidly and I can do nothing for him, and my car battery is dead and will have to be replaced before I can leave work, and so what if  I had to spend over $100 on allergies, and my house may be a disaster area, and my bedroom may be cringe worthy? I am still excited about Christmas. When I am running around on the day before Christmas eve trying to find stocking stuffers and last minute presents while baking cookies and sewing stuffed animals from socks, while also doing laundry because he has "nothing to wear" and making dinner. That is when you will find me in the quietest corner of my home drinking JD Black strait from the bottle and stuffing chocolate while humming my version of "Beebs Got Run Over by a Reindeer".  So, if you come to see me, approach slowly, in a submissive stance. Don't look me directly in the eye, and have either chocolate or whiskey with you. Remembering these rules will help save your life.

Just set the presents down, and back away Santa!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Sweet You Will Gag

Less than 3 weeks to the big Day! Festivities, shopping and baking are at a fever pitch. Let's all hope we can hang in there without losing our minds. I know most of the kids' mind's are already lost. I would hate to be a teacher this time of year. I think last weekend was when my nephew stopped speaking in sentences and now only speaks in screeching exclamations that contain some combination of LIGHTS! PRESENTS! SANTA!

We are extremely lucky to live in an area where our volunteer firemen not only save our lives for free, but whip up an amazing display of lights and sound, and tour Santa all over the immediate area to pass out candy, and make the kids go from babbling neanderthals to screeching demon elves. Got to love it! I of course being the crafty and fun Auntie that I am, will be hosting a cookie decorating party this coming weekend for my nephew and sister, and my girlfriend and her kiddos. It isn't the cookie exchange and wrapping party I originally planned, but I am sure it will be just as fun. I only have 3 more weekends to enjoy Christmas activities, and I plan on going for gold this year. There is really nothing better than sharing a holiday with an enthusiastic 6 year old. Last weekend I took him to see the "Arther Christmas" movie, and we both loved it. It wasn't as good as my first movie "A Christmas Story", but kids these days are different aren't they?
You'll shoot your eye out!!!

My cookie list is growing, so I am going to have to do some serious cuts to the list. Everything just sounds so great, I want to make it all, but I doubt I will have time. My tree is missing a few items to make it as perfect as I could imagine it, but I will leave that for next year. I just simply don't have any more money to devote to the decorations! We put up lights, but no big display like I wanted. Again, the Christmas Budget got in my way, so possibly next year we will have 2012 Christmas Light Spectacular! Or, we can buy fireworks and line our yard with them. That may be pricey, but it would look AWESOME! Beat that house around the corner!!!

But my home feels festive, and I get to do so many wonderful things with the kids, that Christmas cheer is coming out of my holly jolly butt! So before the big day has come and gone, I will count my blessings and enjoy my time. Being depressed this time of year is hard for me, because I get to do all of my favorite things like hang out with my family, cook, eat, and give presents. How could you not have fun!? I hope your Christmas cheer is as bountiful as mine, and if not, stop by my house, I have an extra basket full of cheer just for you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't Read! Unless You Want to Get My Morals On You...

Allow me to have a moment to burn my bra...

Ah!! Yes, that is better.

You may wonder what has my feminist side flaring with indignation. So many things that this blog cannot contain them all. It isn't necessarily towards men that my evil eye is focused on, it is more towards myself. Plus, I wasn't even a twinkle in my mother's eye when women were fighting for equality and protesting much to the Men's Club's disapproval. All the same, I feel the need to remind myself that I should be my own woman. Thankfully, my mother told me when I was but a wee training bra scorcher, that I didn't have to depend on any man ever to be happy in life. She told me to make my own happiness. Those words have always stuck with me. But even as I am humming "I am woman hear me roar", I am a hopeless romantic. I love to coddle, and to be coddled. I have no problem accepting the fact that I am not cut out to operate a jackhammer all day long, let alone open a pickle jar at times. But that is why I married. I fell in love, and I have someone to share my life with, flaunt my romance skills to, and open my pickle jars. I didn't marry for necessity, I married for love. I don't need to be with anyone to be happy, it just happens to be that I found someone who I was sure I wanted to be with forever, and decided to bond myself with him.

But sometimes, I get so caught up in getting someones attention, that when I realize they aren't giving me all that I need, I lash out at them. I have no problem calling attention to someone's inattention. I forget that people's worlds don't revolve around me, the same way I let my world revolve around other people's. I know better than to expect to get back an equal amount of time, appreciation, and sometimes love that I give. Così è la vita. We all have our selfishness. I have to give myself a kick in the ass, and remind myself that not only do I have plenty of appreciation and approval from my wonderful family, that I am the only person I need to please.

My goals for the coming year are already forming on my mind. I hope to write more, and get better at it. I plan on  making myself happy, instead of trying to make everyone else happy, and wait for a tidbit of thanks that mostly never comes. I will resolve myself to the fact that the life I imagined will most likely not happen, but that doesn't mean the one I have isn't as good, just not what I dreamed of. Last but not least, I hope to show each person in my life that has been my cheering squad, my support, and my shoulders to cry on know that I appreciate everything you do for me, and how much I love you. Haters can have some of this:

with a free side of STFU.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Beebs Is Born! and Food Holiday!

Rock On, Birthday Boy!
 First of all, the love of my life is celebrating the day he split his tiny little momma in two while she gave birth to his almost 10lb baby self. We believe because he wrecked her so badly that the last two sons born just fell out and hit the floor. Hard. That is what is wrong with them. It all makes sense! All joking aside, Beebs, I hope your day is filled with coffee, smokes, and WOW (a few of your favorite things). I hope you enjoy your day off, and I will take you to have your most favorite meal when I get home, Breakfast. XoxO

So it is Thanksgiving week already, and I am tired beyond belief. This week is a very short one in the office, and thankfully after Thanksgiving lunch on Weds, we are released to go forth and stuff our faces in a traditional family setting. Or if you are my family, you are spending the weekend in the Texas brush aka "the sticks", frying a turkey. Since my husband and I aren't joining my family, we are cooking a full spread for his family, and taking it over to them like some kind of Turkey dinner delivery service. Circumstances beyond our control are preventing us from hosting the shin dig from our humble abode, and that blows. At least I can still play Sims 3 while cooking. Depending on how festive I feel, I may not even feel like dressing up in the turkey costume.

I was coming home from my sister's house the other night, and as I neared the corner I turn at, I notice a house ablaze in Christmas Glory! They had inflatables, blow-mold light ups, and lights on their lights, while the played season appropriate music. I am willing to bet the fake "snow" they had falling was actually marshmallows from a million cocoa packets. Eff that! Challenge accepted! I know Halloween is our thing, and no one does it better... That includes the family that gives out freshly popped bags of popcorn... But how are you going to set up the freaking entire catalog of decorations, more than a week before Thanksgiving, and not expect a throw down?

Anyone with a bunch of stuff could do this...
My plan is simple, don't go with quantity, go with quality! How bout an effin' winter wonderland in my front yard?! I can't go into details, because frankly I am afraid that they will read this, and know it is on, and I want it to be a sneak attack! Muwahahahahaaaa! (Yes, I have lost my mind.) But the Beebs says we can battle the neighbors, but only if I help him put away the rest of our Halloween stuff. Terms accepted! Time to go get some plywood, paint, and Christmas lights. With Beebs artistic eye, and my crafty help, we should have a steady stream of cars driving around our block.

I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day weekend, and stay safe. Don't forget, every time you tell someone the tryptophan made you sleepy, your nose will grow, because the turkey didn't do it, the rolls, tators, stuffing, and other carbs are to blame. Also, if at all possible stay far far away from Black Friday. The trend this year is Grey Thursday... be hip! hahaha

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Blogging and Chapter 1 of Thanksgiving 2011: The Epic Struggle

As if one blog wasn't enough... I rolled out the red carpet on a new blog that is more about food, and food related tips than about my tongue in cheek attempt at humor of regular every day life. I hope this blog doesn't get jealous, but I really like http://adventuresofbeebseats.blogspot.com/ . Food and cooking connects me to my family, not to mention I use it as a creative outlet, and I love to eat. So, will just set the new blog to simmer and see what happens. (also I hope blogging about my other blog won't create some black hole somewhere. I will call it a Beebs Hole!)

Messy Margaret is at it again!

Thanksgiving 2011: The Epic Struggle. Chapter 1: Matriarchal Disturbances in the Force. The ladies dominate in our family. We are out numbered and out hormoned to the tune of 6 females to 14 males in my immediate family. (yes I included pets too, because we take care of them like children) My Mom, Sister and I are the Holiday Dictators, and we each have our own kingdoms. Normally, every one joins in a harmonious celebration that is always memorable, and usually fun. Occasionally, one of us will get a lofty idea and say something like: "You know instead of regular thanksgiving this year, I think we should all travel to China, and show them how to fry a turkey." That is when the agony begins for Beebslandia. This year, it was my hint a few months ago that Beebs and I may be doing Turkey Day with my hubby's family up north. It was on the table and possible, so I try to give lead time for absorption instead of dumping the idea without warning.

Immediately, Queen Mom suggest that Popsandgeegs (Mom and Dad), and Queen Frittle with her Bucktail Ranch (Sister and her fam), head 2 hours south of our kingdoms for Thanksgiving merriment and refreshments at the Ye Old Bird Lease. First of all, my oven isn't even cold, and they are excitedly planning a Beebslandia-free event. So Rude! But I didn't get upset, and I let them know all was in possibility mode, since nothing is set in stone until the ink on the tickets dries. Or so I thought. But unbeknownst to me Popsandgeegs and Bucktail ranch are making plans in full swing, regardless of my plans. We realized a few weeks ago that the greedy airlines are asking for more than our mortgage payment to fly up north. That's not gonna happen, no matter how sad it makes me. So we decided to stick to Beebslandia for now, and attempt to visit our far away family at another time.

With our flight plans filed away in the "when the airlines get their heads outta their butts" file, we confirmed our staying home status. Now, normally, we would say game on, and start working out the who is cooking what schedule. But the other kingdoms are still set on "A Country Thanksgiving" and I'm set between a rock and a hard place. You see, it all began 6 years ago when I married my husband. I got him as a package deal, that included not only a life sized Beebs action figure with roundhouse kicking action, but it came with his family, that consisted of 3 brothers, a mother, father, 2 sister in laws and at the time one nephew and a very lovely (and well missed) Abuela. The Beebs Family expansion pack is great, but now we have to split the holidays amongst the two central family factions. Our usual plan of action is to have lunch at my parents, and then have dinner with his. It is a guaranteed food coma, but everyone gets a piece of us. But now...

My family is headed 2 hours south of here, and that would be insane for us to be down there, and race back to his parents for the day. Someone is going to have to be left out of our holiday rounds. So I have made the executive decision to tell my family to be careful, and have a good time. I will see them when they get back. I didn't choose his family over mine, but I did decide that it would be better for my kingdom, if we were here, instead of traipsing across The Lone Star State like two turkey dinner hoppers. Yes, I could send Beebs to his parents, and I  could follow the pied piper to the lease, but I did that once, and it was dumb. I got married to my hubby to be with him for the rest of my life. He is my family, I took his name, and are one, and all that goo-goo ga-ga business, and dag nab it, I am going to be with my man! So, that is chapter 1of my epic turkey day struggle. Chapter 2 is actual turkey day. I hate to keep y'all in suspense, but my crystal ball is broken, and Hans (my puppy) ate all my chicken bones. Bad Puppy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mutiny on the Birthday Cake

I have officially and unequivocally had it with the upper management of my office. The amazing part is, I am having more fun being less of a nice person, and more of a solid gold b*tch. They can only blame themselves for this startling transformation from the outspoken, yet team playing employee to the John Wayne of employees. (meaning I am not taking shit from anyone...) As of this moment, mutiny is on the horizon.

Walk the Plank Ye Scurvy Dog!!

I like being a nice person. I like getting along with people and having good working relationships. But the 3 chiefs of this one room teepee are making me crazy(er). It won't be long until I lose my mind, and verbally lash out to the next person that says or does something that pisses me off. It wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't go out of their way to do things totally incorrectly just so they can make sure you waste your time. It does nothing but make me angry. I have better things to do than to waste my time for some over paid micromanaging office d*ckhead. Breathe in..... Breathe out....

In other news, my hubby's birthday plans are in full swing. I love spoiling him because he mostly deserves it, and because I love seeing his child like enthusiasm towards his cake and presents. When I met him, he disliked birthdays and most holidays. When he learned what a big deal, and how fun celebrating could be, he jumped right in with us. So I try to do something special for him. My issue is, his big day is on a Monday, and most of the cake jumping strippers and petting zoos take off on Mondays. Maybe I'll have better luck with the bouncy house?

Bouncy, Bouncy. Oh such a good time.

 We still don't know what is happening for Thanksgiving here, but that will fall into place eventually. I have started collecting delectable recipes for the sole purpose of busting my family's guts. Everyone is so different in their  likes for desserts in our family, I've come up with a great idea that will help solve the issue of variety. Mini Pies! I can make pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, and even chocolate creme for the kids, plus they are smaller portions than you would normally be served from a pie. So, I can make full batches of  each flavor, and then split them to be distributed amongst the two families. (and maybe a few extra for our house) I leave the pecan pie to my sister, who makes the most beautiful pie you have ever seen.

This isn't even the prettiest one!
Pies are nice, and stuffing is yummy, but the one thing that makes me do a happy dance of gluttony is my mom's gravy. She measures nothing. It is water, flour, salt and pepper, and meat juices and drippings. She can't really tell you how she does it either. She is a gravy witch with magical gravy coming from her fingers, oh and her home made German Chocolate cake makes her a demi god in our eyes.

Made by mom with love, and eye of frog??
I am going to begin a collection of my favorite holiday recipes on my main page for those looking for what a Beebs eats during the holidays. Merry early Christmas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gauntlet Continues... Into The Holiday Abyss

Guajalote! (pronounced Wa-ha-low-tay.)

Well hello November. Cooler weather? Check. Thoughts of turkey dinner, and pumpkin pie? Check. Christmas shopping, and my Hubby's birthday? Sorta check, and kinda check. October was busy, but it flew by in a blur of parties, illnesses, and Halloween candy. Now I have November to tackle. I will actually have around 2 weeks of down time this month, so I will try to fill it with crafting and present shopping for next month. Where we thought we may be going out of the state for a visit to family, ticket prices thwarted that idea. Honestly, shouldn't it be a crime to charge $1,300 for two people to fly on a super cramped plane with no meal. I would much rather our loved ones use the cash they were going to spend on our tickets for more important things like extra presents for my nephew and some industrial sized heaters for this winter season. I have a feeling they will need them! (if recent weather patterns are anything to go by) We will have to arrange something less expensive. I hate to disappoint my nephew for the second time this year, but I just don't think it is monetarily feasible. Who knows, maybe a Fristmas miracle will happen, and the hubby and I will be packing long johns for a trip soon. I wonder how cold it is up there during New Years?

Colder than a polar bears toe nails.

My husband and I have begun the breakdown process for Halloween in the house. I am debating on how soon I want to pull down the Christmas stuff. I think while we are in the attic we should pull down the tree and other items I use. I am going to be using a new color scheme on the tree, so I won't be needing the old ornaments. I like variety, and after 4 years of the same coppers golds and silvers, I am ready for something new. When I collect enough sets, I will just rotate them out. Our first tree started out red and silver, and then purple and silver. This year I have a more whimsical approach in mind.

This is my inspiration.

I do this for just us in the house, because we don't normally have a party for the Holly Jolly season. We leave that to my parents and my sister, who have Christmas Eve and Christmas day taken care of. I will have plenty of people over helping me in the kitchen for the usual seasonal baking extravaganza (hint-hint! I pay in cookies and other goodies) I am pretty sure that us making tamales is not on the schedule either. It was fun, but omg was it exhausting, and messy. Maybe this year I'll have my lady friends over for a cookie exchange and wrapping party... Dang it! Here I go having great ideas! I guess I am going to add another event to my list, because that sounds like fun. I am going to stop while I am ahead. Forward March!!! Left, right, left, right, left, right, left…

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Visit From The Flu Fairy

Who is that lurking behind the bushes?? Me!!

Happy Almost Halloween! I know that Tim Curry has had some pretty scary roles in his career, but step aside Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and hello Pennywise! I have never read It, nor have I seen the movie. But when I did a search for scary clowns, this picture seemed to be the most popular. I know why. The first time I laid eyes on it, I did two things. I recognized Mr.Curry, and shivered from the scary look on his face.

This is me, all happy and drinking a beer last Friday
This past weekend, my sister and I made a mad dash to Fredericksburg, TX for a bit of sister only bonding time, and shopping. The first night there was perfect. We had so much fun!  After a very large beer, we went for dinner, and went back to our adorable cottage for general talking, laughing, and movie watching. We had big plans for Saturday. Until... I became ill. The stomach flu my brother in law brought home, had finally reached me. All night long I was up sick, and every time I got up from the bed, my sister woke up, because she is a true light sleeper. By 9am, we knew our day was screwed, but I was going to attempt to do what we could. The Food and Wine Fest was off the table, so we went to Luckenbach, TX for some souvenirs. Afterwords, we headed back to Main Street in Fredericksburg, which is where all the action is, and decided to do some shopping. It was evident that we were miserable, and we weren't going to enjoy the rest of the trip. So we made a mad dash to get a few things for our nearest and dearests, and headed home to Corpus. What a downer. I am pretty sure, since it is my Brother in law's fault every one in our house got ill, so that he owes my sister and I at least a one night stay in a lovely little cottage in Fredericksburg.

This is basically what happened. Thanks Jon.
Well In 5 more days, we will be celebrating the scariest holiday of all! (next to Black Friday that is) Time for pumpkin carving and more spooky ghost stories! I hope you all have a special and spooktacular Haunted Holiday. If you know where I live, stop by for refreshments while you are out with the kiddos, and come see the Mad Lab!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Not To Do When You Invite Kids To A Party

The Party? It was successful. Cake! Food! Decorations! Punch! Yea, it  all worked out very well. Almost everyone dressed up, and not much food was left. Note to self: don't make so much non-alcoholic punch. (Only the kids drink that...) I was happy with the way everything turned out. I kept going till I couldn't move another inch, and thankfully was near our bed when that happened, because I literally passed out from exhaustion. It has been 2 whole days since the party, and I am still tired. I have never had a hangover from too much work. I think I would have felt better if it had been a hangover from alcohol. That way I could have at least made sense of it. Oh well, a long weekend in Fredericksburg weekend after next will help!

The Mad Lab
So the next big event is Halloween, and it looks like we are going to have quite a crowd helping us pass out candy. We can thank my husbands Mad Lab for that. It is so awesome this year! The extra touches really make the difference. We have plenty of pictures to share of the party, but this one seems to be my favorite for now. I don't think anyone got pictures of the food, but I was elated that everything went to plot! The biggest complements I received was from the Tasty Bat Wings. Most were put off by the black color, but the honey teriyaki flavor seemed to be a winner. As usual, the brain mold was eaten by a few brave souls. It is peach flavored, but looks almost too real. Gotta love it! The sleeper hit of the buffet table was the spider pizzas my Co-Birthday girl made. Recipe: http://www.heb.com/recipes/Pizza-Pillar/4534013 She just made them into spiders, and they went quick!


It wasn't the stress of cooking that got to me this time. It was the details. For instance, I had kids coming to my party. But I didn't have anything for them. So I ran out and got stuff to make treat bags. But I also didn't have activities for the kids. Just candy. Kids + Candy = Hyper kids. Hyper kids + Boredom = Destroyed house. My super smart 6 year old nephew saved the day with asking me to turn on the Wii. Magically all 5 kids, no matter the age, played Mario Kart the rest of the night. Thank goodness! Next year, I have a better plan. Step 1: Have activity for kids to do. Step 2: Turn on game system so adults can enjoy adult time. Step 3: Give the kids candy bags on the way OUT!!

Party Favors For 2012

I had so much fun at the party. It was a blast, and I appreciate everyone coming and making it that way. But I had a serious party hang over, and it wasn't from drinking!! Sunday, I woke up and felt like I had done 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR! When in reality, I had 2 drinks all evening. It took me 3 days to get over my exhaustion hangover. It is a sure sign I am getting older. Thankfully, I had few things to do other than enjoy one of my presents (Sims 3 for PC). I have spent the past few days in a cloud of tired. Just today I am feeling back to my perky old self. I guess I am finally showing my age. Gee, thanks 31!

This is what I think of aging. Take that, fact of life!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Reasons I Love Birthdays

What's this?? Color? We don't have that here.

It is OCTOBER!!! I realize that isn't astonishing news or anything, but in my world, it means The Gauntlet has begun! I am already stressing too. Yes, mostly because I am throwing a party in less than a week, and our busy go!go!GO! schedule is getting busier by the minute. I have an amazing week ahead filled with crafts, cooking, and a few good friends and family. The bits and pieces of the party still need to be assembled. I have an altar to set up this evening, and a hallway to decorate. I has some prime time yesterday and today to do work, but I had more important things to do, like have a sleep over with Hayden, and have lunch with my sissy, hubby, and birthday mate Danielle. Also, I had to visit Mom and Dad and go swimming in a very cold pool with a very determined 6 year old. While the party will be fun, being with my loved ones is always better. I don't ever plan on being too busy to watch my nephew grow before my eyes, and have some one on one time with him.

In other news, I have changed my page's background theme in honor of Her Wickedness Herself, The Wicked Witch of the West. She was the first thing I ever remember being scared of! Ms. Margaret Hamilton was amazing and scary, no matter that the film was 46 years old by the time I got around to watching it. The voice, the cackle, the hunch back, green face, and pointed nose left a serious impression on me. What is more evil than a person that picks on children (and little dogs too)?

Yea, she's pretty Wicked...

So, in 5 days, I'll be... gulp... 31. I can't actually say it bothers me as much as 30 did. I mean, in the grand scheme of things I plan on living till at least 75, so I still have 44 years to go. Like I said, that is the plan, you know that isn't always what happens, but I can't see the future so I am forging ahead as planned. 9 years ago, the day before my 22nd birthday, I met my husband for the first time, and fell in love. (Insert school-girlish crush type sigh here.) 8 years before then, my Daddy took me on my first hunting trip for my 14th birthday, and gave me a 20 gauge shotgun. (I TOLD you my family is redneck!) 7 years before then, my parents threw me a wicked awesome 7th birthday party at McDonalds. This was back when you actually wanted a party there. Now? Eww gross!! I really haven't had a bad birthday in the 31 years I have been able to remember. That is a pretty freaking awesome record if you ask me. I don't plan on changing traditions this year either. 30 was a bit of a mental adjustment, and 31, well that is no biggie. I'll let you know how I feel about 35, and 39 when we get there.

So, I don't foresee any further blogging for the coming week. But not to worry, I'll post incriminating pictures of the party week after next, and dish the good gossip! In parting, I'll share with you a couple pieces of advice my father has given me from birth; "Treat other as you wish to be treated" and, "Measure twice, and cut once." (this last one goes for lumber as well as people in your life. ;)

Happy Birthday to meee, happy birthday to meeee!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Getting Weally Weally Spooky In Here

I wish all my great ideas were cheaper. The creative flow apparently doesn't come with a price limit. Sigh. Just when a great idea strikes me, I realize having a fountain installed in the backyard would be a bit pricey, not to mention time consuming. The alternative would be to get a plaster statue and set it in a bucket with a airator pump. It would work, but it won't have the same effect I suppose. I guess I will have to wait another year.


Sad. Just sad.

Bit by bit the house and the garage are coming together for the birthday / Halloween festivities. The menu needs to be finalized and my co-birthday girl needs an intro to our Karg party preparation process. Beebs and I both have projects that we are working on. Of course because you can't have the 20+ people that will be attending this shin-dig all crowded in the awesome garage, and the rest of the house be it's normal scary self! Starting today, no more mopping or doing the dishes. In a couple weeks, we should be looking mighty scary 'round here! As easy as that sounds the house would smell rather rank in a few days. I don't think I could handle that.

Just say no to stinky houses!

The family, as usual, will be chipping in and helping with all the details. Sister is making the cake, and Daddy is making a prop coffin. In the end everyone in our family will have leant a hand in some way, shape, or form. I always appreciate helping hands, and there is still so very much to do, and fewer days to do it in. Before we know it, the party will be upon us, and I and my never ending lists will be shweaty and exsausted. Is it almost time for the mini vacation?? Yes! In less than a month, my sister and I will be spending a long weekend doing girl stuff like shopping and drinking beer. Well okay, redneck girl stuff anyway. We are also pondering the possibility of skipping Thanksgiving with our mish-mosh clans and visiting our family in Rhode Island. It is in the possbilities column of our agendas, so lets keep our fingers crossed that I can actually get the Beebs to leave the state for the first time in 10 years. Well, the Mad Dr. Beebs is cracking the whip, and demanding that I add more spider web to the display. Back to the grind...

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Brief Dissection of A Beebs

There are days that I feel like a teenager again, and that no one understands me. That is typically compounded by one or two people that choose the absolute worst ways to convey their point. When I was a teenager, I was defiant. My opinion or point of view mattered little to any adult. Not that they were being malicious about it. They didn’t need to be. Telling me no without listening to my reasons why, well you could bet it was a sure fire way to get me to do just what you said not to. Of course I am a grown woman these days and thankfully much has changed.

I can work under supervision with no issues. I can be polite to peace officers, and do what I can to get along with most everyone. Authority is one thing I am okay with most of the time. One thing I do not deal with well is anyone, that goes for every person in my life, telling me no, I cannot do something. This is not to say that when I ask for someone’s opinion, that they can’t tell me that they feel it is not a good idea, and why. Opinions are always welcome. But don’t try to flat out tell me NO. As if I am some child asking for candy at breakfast. You don’t have the right. I will defend my right to that every day for the rest of my life. If I am making a dangerous decision, and I am not clear headed, I can understand such a thing. But let’s say I wanted to color my hair purple. A little off the wall for me these days, but nothing dire. You may not like it, but what business is it of yours to tell me I cannot? You have the right to tell me that you don’t like it, or that it is dumb. That doesn’t mean I am changing my mind. It is your opinion, while you can give it to me; it is my choice what to do with it.

I don’t feel that my declaration is unusual or abnormal in any way. I am sure most feel the same. I don’t do well with demands, and will be more responsive with requests or suggestions. I am normally a very accommodating person. I do not have designs in life to wreak havoc, or piss people off. I am a textbook Libra and while I like to debate, I rather need harmony. But when someone comes through and decides to be a bull to my china shop, I get defensive. I don’t have to be on the right side of an argument or discussion. I can admit I am wrong, but you won’t hear those words from my lips if you think you are going to beat me up to get the words out. Admit I am wrong when I know I am right? Not unless it is said sarcastically. 

I am an independent, family loving, bull headed woman. I will take care of you, as long as you don’t demand it of me, or take advantage of me. I am nothing without my freedom, equally as much as I am nothing without my family ties to this world. My love expands, it doesn’t break into pieces. I am not selfish with myself or towards myself. This is who I have grown to be in my almost 31 years. I am by no means perfect, but I stand by the golden rule as taught to me by my father. I hope by now, that the things I have outlined here were pretty evident to those that I spend most of my time with. But I think people tend to forget who the people that they love the most really are. We take for granted every day, how unique and wonderful we can be, and instead focus on the uglier, darker sides to our personalities. Don’t tell me my timing is wrong for saying how I feel. Be proud that I didn’t pull out my avenging sword and take off a few heads. Know that the reason you love me is still in there mixed up with the tired person who hates her job and would rather read than cook dinner.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, FIF

I am officially staring down the barrel of my 31st birthday. Time has ceased to slow, despite much cursing, and complaining. I guess my wish when I was younger to hurry up to this point in life was heard, and now, someone is sitting on the remote, and I am stuck in fast forward. The husband will be 38 a little over a month after my birthday. I have 2 more years to plan the biggest over the hill party anyone has ever seen. I realize 40 is not over the hill, but he thinks it is time for his midlife crisis (MLC), and therefore he gets a Corvette, or Porche. What he doesn't realize is that I am his MLC. Duh! I am mostly just kidding babe, although it is partially true.

Wow. I am glad this will never happen in my house. (Shudders)

Turning 31 isn't as big of a deal as turning 30, but it does mean I am one more year deeper into it. I have been trying to console those who have taken the "Dirty 30 Plunge" with me. It isn't that bad once you realize your life didn't change dramatically from one day to the next. (Unless it did. If that was the case, my bad.) This year, I plan to celebrate all the wonderful things in my life that I have, but I also want to make sure I take care of myself too. Life is short. Spend the least amount of time being unhappy that you can. That is why I am running off to fulfill my dreams of being a circus performer.

Step One: Buy Hula Hoops in Bulk. Step Two: Lean how to Hula Hoop.
Sadly since they generally don't allow just anyone to join a show, and since my beard comes in too patchy, I will never realize my dream. But I have others! Most of which I will need to win in the lottery to fund. But I guess I can go ahead and move forward with celebrating what I have part. This includes parties, and short out of town trips. Lucky me!

Autumn has begun to bloom (in stores), despite the fact that we are not a town that has any idea what "seasons" are. I can't tell you how many Halloweens that were blazing hot, instead of cool! We don't have the noticeable foliage changes here either. Which is sad, because that is what excites me about this time of year the most. The lovely dry cool weather is ever so romantic to me as well. Good reason to snuggle. Too bad our entire state is ablaze at the moment. It really lends to the scene of boiling hot misery we are in! But I know that even though we are currently choking on smoke, and barely able to make enough spit to swallow, we will bounce back. I appeal to anyone that thinks they know an Native American rain dance. Get to it Dances-With-Fire-Extinguisher! We need some real rain!!

Totally random, but you know how I love to follow a whim. Hince the title! LOL:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

They're Creepy and They're Kookey, The Beebs Family!

It is time for Halloween 2011 construction! Yes, we have to start the process early, because last year we went all out, and this year we plan on making it better. We sort of screwed ourselves with last years theme because the Mad Lab was pretty dope. We had crowds of people taking turns checking out our display. Now everyone wants to know how we are going to top it. Well, Beebs has been working on a few things since last year that I must say take The Lab from neat to awesome. Being a geek genius really helps. He has ideas that most sci-fi movie sets would love to pay for. Maybe geekiness is in the eye of the beholder, but I am pretty sure that if you saw our Mad Lab garage last year, you know what I am talking about. It is really hard to describe all the wondrously Mad things we had going on in our Lab, but the realistic jello brain was just the parsley on the plate. The main course was a life size zombie-ish guy on a torture rack. He was hooked up to all sorts of gruesome things, not to mention the realistic electrocution sound and light show that made him seem almost real. Body parts, and glowing, oozing substances aside, we honestly didn't expect the surge of onlookers that we received. We just love to see all the cute kiddos in costume, and to pass out copious amounts of candy. Last year, I believe was the beginning of a legacy of delightfully gory displays.
Just a taste of what's to come!! Muwahahahaha!!!

This year in order to extend the Halloween mayhem, I am planning a birthday party for my friend and myself since we happen to share the same birthday. The planned shin-dig is only a little more than a month away, so we have our work cut out for us! Any one know where I can score some realistic body parts on the cheap?
How much per pound does this cost??

Even though we are greenlight on gruesome, the Fa-la-la-la-la holiday is right behind it, and that takes as much, if not more preparation and work. I decided to be pro-active this year and come up with a feasable and affordible Christmas. Sadly, I have still not won the lottery, so I am coming up with more meaningful handmade items for the majority of my "nice" list. This past year Beebs and I have learned how to make our own soaps, and hope to branch out to body washes and lotions. I also sewed a purse. Now these are minor achievements, but I hope that we will be able to turn them in to a Christmas gifting boon this year. For the naughty, well, my puppy Hans is working on thier "gifts". (I am mostly just kidding. Ha!)
What list do you belong on??? (this isn't Hans by the way!)

Other than planning and prepping for The Gauntlet, which is the period between Oct and Feb that contains no less than 6 family birthdays and 6 major holidays, we have been busy enough at work, and regular life. This week was my nephew's first week in first grade. He is growing up so fast, and it makes me sad. Yesterday he was a tiny little wrinkled old man looking baby, and today he is zooming around us talking and thinking faster than we can keep up with. He is missing two baby teeth already, and a third is loose. He is even already mapping out his adult life. Just last weekend he was informing me that he plans on marrying at 25, and he will already be done working by then so he will have time to play with his jet skis and boats. We he is done with that, he will come home to his good wife. I asked him what makes her a good wife, and he said because while he is taking a shower, she will cook him dinner, and he will help her clean the kitchen. Sigh. My little romantic redneck tugs at my heart strings. He thinks that kissing is "marrying", and a good wife cooks you dinner after a long day at playing boats and jet skis. I imagine, since his mommy does exactly that for his daddy, that is what he thinks a good relationship is. This pleases me to no end, because while he is unable to understand the intracate workings of being married, he already recognises that in a good relationship there is support, and teamwork.

That kid blows my mind. I know that even though I don't want him to grow up so quickly, I am truly excited to see exactly who he will be. Already he is so dynamic and powerful in our world. I know that is a biased opinion from a doting Auntie, but I feel that way with all my neices and nephews. They have wonderful things ahead of them, and I am excited to see it all. For now, I will do what Aunties do best and spoil them as much and as often as I can.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Something I have learned from Being Married

There are times when you just won't be understood by your significant other. There will be times your reasoning makes no sense to your significant other. Honestly, the longest fought battles are the ones where you are trying to explain your opinion to your husband or wife. While your ideas may make perfect sense to you, it often sounds like gibberish and monkey noises coming out of your mouth. I have been told several times it is because men think logically, and women think emotionally. While I will admit to being overly emotional at times, I cannot say that men think logically. By reading the definition of the word logic, I realized that this is utter B.S.

log·i·cal  (lj-kl)
1. Of, relating to, in accordance with, or of the nature of logic.
2. Based on earlier or otherwise known statements, events, or conditions; reasonable.
3. Reasoning or capable of reasoning in a clear and consistent manner.

I am pretty sure men don't corner the market on being reasonable.  I would also put large amounts of money on the fact that a man declared that men think logically, and women think emotionally. I am not saying women are better than men in this respect, I am just saying the playing field is equal. Some of the most logical and rational people I know are women. I know a handful of emotional males too. This assessment of the sexes is antiquated, and ridiculous. A man is just as likely to start a fight out of jealousy, as he is if he is defending himself. Just because most women can say, "I was pissed because I was jealous." doesn't make her any less logical or any more emotional. My new stance on the way men a women think, is that most of the time, neither makes sense.

Just because it is mostly helpless cause, doesn't mean you should give up. When you give up trying to understand your spouse, or significant other, then you stop caring. We don't want that. Sometimes hand signals and morse code can help. But mostly they hear monkey noises. Promise. 

Oooo-oooo ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh!!!

What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how
compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.
Leo Tolstoy