Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Eating Jello Again

 Click this link to learn the reason why I am never eating jello again.

**Shudders** Any-who... This coming weekend, my sister and I will be knee deep in dry rub, and sending our sweet smelling mesquite smoke across the Bluff, in our attempt at winning this years Memorial day brisket cook off at a local bar. My sister and I teamed up last year, and we did okay, but didn't win. Despite the fact that I can't eat brisket due to the fat content of the meat, I know what tastes good, and we shall be victorious! This year we have a better plan, and we will have two briskets on the pit to choose from. Also, we got upgraded from using a stand alone pit, to specifically designed trailer, that my brother in law made. High class meat charring! Yee-haw!
She is eating high class BBQ. Note the extended pinky.
In 3 weeks, my Mr. Pigglesworth is going to turn 7. Of course I asked him what he would like for his birthday, and his list included a dirt bike, go cart, boat, and a plane. I am not sure if I should be amused at his enthusiasm for vehicles, or scared he is planning for the great escape. I figure if I get him something with wheels, or that at least moves, and he will be pleased. We also have a family picture coming up on a couple of weeks. This will be the first (professional) one since my sister and I were married. That was our mother's day gift to our mother. All 8 of us, in coordinating outfits, crammed together, smiling into the camera hoping that this is the camera that makes you lose 10 pounds instead of gaining it.  As gaggy as it sounds, we may be crazy, sometimes dysfunctional, but we sure do love each other. I can't wait to see the picture. In anticipation of the event, I have gone through the catalog of family photo poses and outfits to decide on the best options.
You can see them here.

Can't decide! I really want our photo to be memorable!
In other health news, I had fried food (a very tiny amount) for the first time since I got sick, and my body said:

So I figured, my body knows what it is doing, I should stop messing with it. But after a chat with my sister in law, and going over the pills that I am taking, and the diagnoses I've been given, I have decided that :
I take my pills, test my blood sugar, eat healthy meals, go to my doctors appointments, and don't cry when the doctor needs another blood sample, and yet still, I am left wondering what, who, when, where, and why. So far, I have been able to connect a couple dots, but none of the medical professionals that I pay through the nose to, for 10 minutes of doctor time have. I figure, as long as I am feeling good, I am okay. I have a feeling the one doctor that I haven't seen yet, but I have a date with next week, will be able to give me some knowledge. Is it odd that she is my "female" doctor? Maybe, but that woman doesn't leave the room unless you have asked a few questions. She has been more clear, concise, and caring than any doctor I have had the pleasure of paying. Until then, I have the internet. But according to the internet, and my symptoms:
Not really. (I hope!)

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