Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
It isn't much, but it is mine. It can be a zoo.

Please keep your hands and feet tucked in at all times.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Year Bites The Dust

In a few short days, 2011 is coming to a close. It is pretty amazing to think that 12  years ago, we were in a panic and worried that the world would shut down because all the computers calendars weren't going to roll over to 2000. The entire world was braced for global melt down because our calculators weren't Y2k safe.

Your cheerios will become soggy! Your pets heads will fall off!
We all sat around our televisions waiting for everything to come crashing down around us and 3..2..1... nothing. Not a damn thing happened. We whipped ourselves into a frenzy over nothing. Now we are stepping into 2012. Many think that the Aztec's predicted that our time in this universe ends on Dec 21st 2012 or that that specific date marks the day Jesus will come back to Earth, and the rapture will begin. Others believe that a huge change will take over, and we will enter a new age. These are all guesses, and highly interpreted predictions. No one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow, let alone what is going on almost a full year from now. If it is all true there is NOTHING we can do to stop it. Short of fighting off aliens or a zombie virus outbreak, you can't fight back if the world is going to implode, or something massive slams into our planet. So get your emergency kits stocked and be ready for anything like you ALWAYS should be, and go on about your life. Taping up the windows will do you no good at this moment.

Just add 1/2 cup disaster and mix!!!

So, as usual, I don't do new years resolutions. I think telling myself and everyone else around me that starting the first of the year, I plan to do anything besides sleep is a lie. A big fat ugly lie. I will do you a favor and not lie to you, if you do the same for me. However, I do set goals for myself. Nothing that is too radical that I am setting myself up for failure, but at the same time they are things that usually help to improve myself.

Goal 1 is to write more, and improve my skills. I may never publish a best seller, but I will try to entertain anyone who attempts to read my work. Goal 2 is to use the treadmill I received for Christmas. It is nice, and really expensive, so I feel obligated to use it. (that was the plan all along wasn't it Mom? Clever.) Goal 3 is to cook healthier meals, and like it. The last part of that goal is the hardest. But, I can do it. Although, I 100% refuse to bake cookies with anything less than full leaded butter and sugar. There are some things that shouldn't be sugar or fat free, and desserts is one of those things! Goal 4 is to make our poorly designed bathroom into a true master bath. In fact, I am about ready to start knocking down walls.... Guess I need to clean some stuff out first... Okay first clean, then destroy! Goal 5 is more like a life long goal. I plan to make myself happy. Enough said. Last but not least, goal 6 is to make sure my friends and loved ones know how much I love and appreciate them. Without all of their widely ranging personalities in my life, I would have a dull existence. I have been telling my nearest and dearest that I love them more often. I do love you, and I want you to know it. Never forget it. Let's all get tattoos, and yours will say "Beebs Loves Me, Por Vida", and mine will say "I'm Beebs, and I approve that message."

Yes, something like this....
Have a happy and safe new year. Thanks for reading my blog, and possibly caring about what I have to say. I started this blog for my entertainment, and a happy side effect is others sometimes enjoy what I do too. It has been almost a year, and I haven't stopped posting yet. I think it is amazing that I have stuck with it, and mainly it is because I log on and see how many people actually read my blog. It excites me to know you are coming back to read the words I put here. As of this moment I am 20 views shy of 2000. That is an accomplishment for me! Thanks again readers. I love you. Por Vida.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays/Festivus!!

So you know that "Murphy" guy with his "laws"? I think we should form an angry mob and hunt him up. He has made these past few days hell for me. What happened? Oh, well, just when I thought the medical issues were a thing of the past, my husband is out of no where struck down with a massive ear infection. For days he suffered, and on his 2nd dr visit, yesterday finally got some relief. Dr's visits aren't free, and neither are the meds. Thankfully he is getting better, and should be feeling pretty good for Christmas day. But wait that's not all! Unexpected bills, sewing machine stopped working while I was in the middle of my project, and my sinuses are STILL bothering me!
Bring us the one you call "Murphy", the one who makes the absurd laws!

 But you know what? I am still excited about Christmas! I plan on baking cookies tonight, and finishing up the last sock puppy. I am still missing a couple of gifts, but I will work it out, and my family will be together this holiday. Not all is ruined, except for my nerves. Oh, and my finger nails...

I call it "TannenBombed"
Yes, I know it looks horrible. This was my second attempt at the water marbling technique I have been seeing all over the web. I am showing you the better hand, trust me, the other one looks even worse. I will take pity on myself tonight, and fix it after I am done baking. But today at work, I am rocking this hot mess all day! The hubby said I should paint candy stripes. I can't do marbling, and you expect me to paint stripes?! No thanks, one color will do! Fussing with my nails isn't as important as getting my baking/candy making done. Which will be at the top of my list this evening.

The office will be closed half day on Friday and all day Monday. So I will at least have 1/2 day on Friday to knock out the remainder of my list of things to do.Saturday, the ladies and I are delivering the toys and goodies we have for our adopted family, and from there on, I will be on Christmas break. Do not disturb, and if you do, bring a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a bag of ice! 

I choose, ALL OF THEM!!
So this year has been a pretty good one. I have many wonderful things to look forward to in 2012, the least of which is exactly a year from today, but that is a totally different subject, for me to dwell on next week. This week, my musings lead me to the "reason for the season". My mom and dad were NOT religious one bit growing up. We had no lessons of Jesus, or God. I have always been an "Agnostic Athiest ", and will be for the rest of my life. I do not begrudge anyone their right to celebrate what ever they wish to celebrate. Christmas is about what you want it to be. I choose to make it a celebration of my family and friends, just as my parents have always done. So celebrate what ever you want to celebrate, however you want to celebrate it. Don't worry about anyone else's feelings but your own. Also, don't worry about what anyone else is doing. Say Merry Christmas, or say Happy Holidays, put up lights, don't put up lights, do as you please. Come Christmas Eve you will find my non religious family singing along to "O Come All Ye Faithful", not because we believe Christ was born on Dec 25, but because it is a beautiful song, and we are corny and like to sing carols. Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Festivus. Enjoy your holiday, doing what ever it is you like to do. Much Love From The House of Beebs!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Face Is Numb! Merry Christmas!

December is hands down the busiest month out of all the months for me. If I am not shopping, I'm cooking, or wrapping, or spreading my personal brand of cheer. It takes planning, multiple lists, and epic amounts of Diet Coke to stay on track and get it all done before Dec 25th. But of course the cosmos sees that I am busy doing, seeing, and getting, and decides it is time to throw a wrench in my works with a severe allergy attack combined with a lovely chest cold. In order to get over this illness, I spent no less than $110 on a doctor visit and some medications to "reduce the symptoms", and while I am not coughing up my lungs, my face is numb from the codeine in the putrid flavored cough syrup they prescribed me. I am not wholly sure why the only thing I can taste is the one thing I wish I couldn't taste, but I will continue to do as told by my Doctor, because we have 11 days till Christmas. And I have many, many, MANY more things to do before the 25th.

Making more of these sock puppies is tops on my list!!
I began to make my stuffed animals for the kids this past weekend. The first pattern I used was easy enough, except that it took me 2 1/2 hours of cursing and sewing to get done. That is the vaguely dog-shaped thing you see lying next to Mr. Scruffles. (yea, I named my first born sock puppy. So what!) I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be, but instead my sister got a new ornament for her tree! SO back to the drawing board and the store. With 2 socks, stuffing, buttons, ribbon ,and string Mr. Scruffles came to be. (Thanks Martha Stuart! Pattern Can Be Found Here ) Even with my limited sewing knowledge, and having no feelings in my face, I did am okay job. My second is almost done, and not too bad if I do say so myself. I only have 3 more to make, and I will stop. I still need to bake cookies, and make candies. The rest of my list will be checked off this weekend if I can help it any, and I will hopefully start Christmas week as cool, calm and collected as I planned on feeling. Instead of how I feel at the moment:

Stress Much?
But all is not a total an complete "fluster cluck" yet. I mean, yes, my hubby's body is falling apart rapidly and I can do nothing for him, and my car battery is dead and will have to be replaced before I can leave work, and so what if  I had to spend over $100 on allergies, and my house may be a disaster area, and my bedroom may be cringe worthy? I am still excited about Christmas. When I am running around on the day before Christmas eve trying to find stocking stuffers and last minute presents while baking cookies and sewing stuffed animals from socks, while also doing laundry because he has "nothing to wear" and making dinner. That is when you will find me in the quietest corner of my home drinking JD Black strait from the bottle and stuffing chocolate while humming my version of "Beebs Got Run Over by a Reindeer".  So, if you come to see me, approach slowly, in a submissive stance. Don't look me directly in the eye, and have either chocolate or whiskey with you. Remembering these rules will help save your life.

Just set the presents down, and back away Santa!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Sweet You Will Gag

Less than 3 weeks to the big Day! Festivities, shopping and baking are at a fever pitch. Let's all hope we can hang in there without losing our minds. I know most of the kids' mind's are already lost. I would hate to be a teacher this time of year. I think last weekend was when my nephew stopped speaking in sentences and now only speaks in screeching exclamations that contain some combination of LIGHTS! PRESENTS! SANTA!

We are extremely lucky to live in an area where our volunteer firemen not only save our lives for free, but whip up an amazing display of lights and sound, and tour Santa all over the immediate area to pass out candy, and make the kids go from babbling neanderthals to screeching demon elves. Got to love it! I of course being the crafty and fun Auntie that I am, will be hosting a cookie decorating party this coming weekend for my nephew and sister, and my girlfriend and her kiddos. It isn't the cookie exchange and wrapping party I originally planned, but I am sure it will be just as fun. I only have 3 more weekends to enjoy Christmas activities, and I plan on going for gold this year. There is really nothing better than sharing a holiday with an enthusiastic 6 year old. Last weekend I took him to see the "Arther Christmas" movie, and we both loved it. It wasn't as good as my first movie "A Christmas Story", but kids these days are different aren't they?
You'll shoot your eye out!!!

My cookie list is growing, so I am going to have to do some serious cuts to the list. Everything just sounds so great, I want to make it all, but I doubt I will have time. My tree is missing a few items to make it as perfect as I could imagine it, but I will leave that for next year. I just simply don't have any more money to devote to the decorations! We put up lights, but no big display like I wanted. Again, the Christmas Budget got in my way, so possibly next year we will have 2012 Christmas Light Spectacular! Or, we can buy fireworks and line our yard with them. That may be pricey, but it would look AWESOME! Beat that house around the corner!!!

But my home feels festive, and I get to do so many wonderful things with the kids, that Christmas cheer is coming out of my holly jolly butt! So before the big day has come and gone, I will count my blessings and enjoy my time. Being depressed this time of year is hard for me, because I get to do all of my favorite things like hang out with my family, cook, eat, and give presents. How could you not have fun!? I hope your Christmas cheer is as bountiful as mine, and if not, stop by my house, I have an extra basket full of cheer just for you!