Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Warning: Graphically Luscious Contents Inside

Oh my, my, my.....
This is the 3rd sexiest thing I have seen all day. (1.The Beebs 2. The ice cream sundae above)
Now that you are drooling... Sorry about that! I need these two things right now, like you need air. I crave different things right before mother nature brings me my gift. Some people feel it in their bones when bad weather is coming, and I get monthly cravings like a pregnant woman. Recently, I have craved things like blackened fish, or beef and broccoli, once even Fritos with bean dip. I also crave chocolate constantly. Lots and lots of chocolate. In place of my savory cravings this month, I have opted for salted caramel brownies, and an ice cream sundae. Which is all fine well and good, but I am trying to lose weight, not gain it.So I am at a loss as to what to do. Should I stay on track, or should I call a mulligan? It is so hard to decide!

Tonight is another Piggy and Auntie sleepover. I get to pick him up after work, and we will do Piggy and Auntie things at the house. Which usually means eating and watching Sponge Bob. But hey, we aren't hard to please. We will make homemade pizzas for dinner, and pancakes and bacon tomorrow for breakfast. Saturday, we will be swimming. Easy to please! For Sunday, I believe I owe my husband a trip to the movies to see Aliens and Cowboys, since I made him take me to see the very last Harry Potter movie ever last Sunday. (on opening weekend no less) It seems my cleaning and laundry avoidance plan is in place for the weekend!

I find it funny how much I have learned to detest cleaning so much. Most of the time people blame it on the way their parents lived. "Mom didn't clean her house every day, so neither do I!" Well my excuse is something like that. But most people would relate to my reasons in terms of food likes and dislikes. Beginning at the age of 12, my mother and father deemed me mature enough to watch my sister while they worked during the summer. At the same time I was deemed mature and responsible enough to watch my sister, I was also knighted as chief housekeeper, and allotted my own 10 year old sister assistant. I was required to vacuum the whole house, wash, and dry everyone's laundry, and to dust. My assistant had dish duty, and had to "pick up" the living room. Every summer for the next 5 years I was deemed chief housekeeper. Not to mention we washed dishes after dinner every night.
Imagine that is me, and the boy on the couch is actually a cute little blond haired girl. HA!

Now I know it is normally a wonderful thing to teach your children responsibility. It is also important for everyone to know how to take care of themselves. If I have children you can bet they will learn how to clean, and cook. These are basic survival skills. But my Mom was going through menopause. There was no pleasing her. I was yelled at almost daily for missing spots with the vacuum, or not dusting enough. At 12, I was rebellious enough to make sure my bedroom was a pigsty, and rarely clean it. Deal with it Mom!  Finally menopause let us have our mom back, but by then I was in my teenage years, and I had gone buck-wild. As my sister grew up she took my place, and I bolted for the door at the age of 18.

So long story short, I hate cleaning because my Mom made me do it as a kid. The same with tomato soup for me. I hate tomato soup because my mom fed it to us around every other day as kids. I can't even make it without gagging. So you see, I swear I have a legitimate reason for not wanting to clean my house unless company is coming.  It is just like you not liking tomatoes, mayo, or eggs. Funny observation: While I detest cleaning, my sister is a clean freak. Guess she didn't get enough of the wrath.

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