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Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Soon We Will Be Taking Offensive Driving Instead of Defensive Driving

Is this book being distributed in my town?

 I avoided no less than 4 accidents on my way to work this morning. In 13 short miles, 4 separate idiots  seemed bound and determined to wreck my car, and my day. Of course, with great reflexes and breaks, I avoided them, but I still looked over at the person who could have flushed my day down the toilet like last night's tacos. If they don't flip me off, (as if I did anything to them) they either glare back, or just don't look. It made me think of how many people do this, and act like I am the reason they had to cut me off and then make me slam on my breaks. Does this person just not know that they are driving like an oxygen depraved idiot? Do they realize that I am not racing them to the finish line, but just trying to get to work without eating airbag? The obvious answer is no.

Take this home to your baby mama! Maybe she can serve you and your 50 kids dinner with it!!!

As if I had come to his house, pissed in his Post Toasties, and told the long string of cars in front of us to drive slowly. But there lies the issue. No one has to take responsibility for their actions. No one has to have manners on the road anymore, because sadly the honor is gone. But I have an idea that will help us few left in Corpus that realize when someone has a blinker on, they are trying to move over, and 9 times out of 10, you are going to have to be the one that allows the break, and waves them over. Common courtesy is dead. My idea is simple. Start a website where people can post pictures of shitty drivers, their stories of shitty drivers, and list license plates, and other identifying information for the people who seem to have a knack for turning our streets into a defensive driving nightmare.

Yes, you are King Jerk of The Road! But you don't have to be!

The more people that post, and the more popular the website, the more people that see it. My hope is that one day, those shitty drivers will go to this website, and see how many times they have almost killed their fellow drivers, and stop. Maybe, the cops can use it as a tool too. My goal is hopefully to drive to and from work daily with less risk of people bending my Honda Element and I into a Beebs stuffed pretzel. If it works for us, maybe it can work for other towns too. At least until rocket launchers and machine guns can be mounted and used legally. Until then, lets call those jerks out of your parking spot and get them onto the road to recovery!

My dream car. I bet I can get to work with a smile on my face with this baby!

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