Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Going Out With My Boots On

I’m not sure if there is a logical reason for my brain to be craving Taco Bell, but that isn't stopping it. I am typically anti-fake Mexican food. We have our choice of good Mexican food in our area. It’s on every street corner. We are like Seattle, but instead of Starbucks, it’s Taqueria Whathaveyou. Even this is not preventing my moral turpitude. Doritos tacos… get in my belly! I haven’t given in to this craving, but I’m slowly wearing myself down. Let’s hope the craving passes. My brain is fickle. I could be craving sweet potato waffle fries with a whisper light drizzle of honey by tomorrow. One thing is for sure, there is a box of brownies in my pantry that will be in my oven tonight.  COME TO MAMA!

Sudden food cravings aside, we are finally on the tail end of this week. I didn't think Tuesday or Wednesday would ever end. I am utterly tired and worn out mentally from the grueling tasks shoved before me this week. Next week is already end of the month and I have invoices and reports to do. I think I would rather shave my legs with a rusty razor. But it must be done. I barely have enough time to do my weekly stuff, and someone wants to add even more demanding monthly tasks? It’s any wonder I don’t crack and start shouting obscenities and throwing things at people who crowd around me asking me for something. I take care of grown men and their business like I am a nanny for adults. My only problem is I am getting paid much less than a nanny. It will be a serious issue if when my 720 hours has been met and they think they are keeping me on the same salary. I took this job in desperation, just happy to have a job. Now I have been here, and worked my tuckus off. I know what I should be making and I also know what is reasonable. We are currently nowhere near either option. 

This weekend is so close I can practically reach out and touch it. I just need to get a little closer. I need to get all of my gear washed and ready to pack up for our adventure to the home lease this weekend. It’s sure to be a hootenanny. You wouldn't think only being an hour and a half away from home would be so relaxing or fun. But it is when we all get together. Of course it will be at least 90 degrees outside, so summer will be slapping our faces all day, until another cool front blows through, typical. It won’t matter much when I am playing on the 4 wheeler and eating barbecue. Yee-haw! 

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