Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Color Me Blind

My blog writing time is usually during the week at lunch. But thanks to a heavy workload, I've been working through lunch. So last weeks blog slipped through my fingers, and I find myself utterly busy and too lazy on the weekends to sit down at my computer. Right now I have both time and motivation, and as I sit here typing, I realized I am smudging my freshly painted finger nails. I obviously have bad timing! It's not that big of a loss. I wanted a "Tiffany teal", but now that it's on my nails it looks more like "mental institution green". I'm glad I only paid $.97 for it.

I am still getting geared up for the baby shower, and have even learned to loom knit for the sole purpose of making my newest nephew some snuggly and cute hats and booties. Within a few hours last weekend, I had knitted a scarf, a hat and two sets of booties. I was very proud of them. I couldn't even wait to show my bestie the items. Of course, something had to spoil the accomplishment, and I have no one to blame but myself. Last week as I was leaving the house in a hurry, I put The Hellions in their crate, but didn't latch it fully. When I got home, there was mass destruction! One of my nice and broken in boot tops was chewed up, various items from all over the house were pulled out and chewed on, including my hat and booties set. I only found one bootie, and one hat. I still have no clue where that second bootie is. I am almost afraid to look too closely in the back yard. I'm scared I will find hints on yellow and blue in the grass. Thankfully the booties only take about an hour to knit. It's the principal of the matter!

All that is left of my matching set! :-(

On top of the baby shower and Easter to-do's, I have my mind set on sewing a few broom skirts for the coming hotter weather. I have a real love for light and breezy long skirts that can be dressed up or down according to my destination. On the weekends I can pair them with a t-shirt and flip flops and be done with it. But they can be just as pretty with a blouse for the office. All I really need is some fabric, thread, and a pattern. My real issue is with settling on a fabric. This could be tricky, especially with my love of bright bold colors. I obviously have a hard enough time picking out a good nail polish. I'm not sure if I can be trusted not to buy something too outlandish. I need a color intervention!

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