Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Gauntlet: Attack of the Killer Calendar

It’s almost time for The 2013 Karg Haunt. It feels more like an afterthought for us this year.  Usually, the entire set up is completed and looking quite gruesome by now. We haven’t even brought out our props. Gus is still in the attic. We have had our attentions on other things. Like Hayden’s football games for me. Of course I had planned on getting things done last Sunday, but as if on cue, I spent the entire day ill thanks to the stomach flu. Just today I am feeling much better. But I will get something done because I don’t want to disappoint everyone who looks forward to it. That list gets longer every year. There will be a haunt and it will be good. No worries!

On top of that, the cruise to Mexico is coming up very quickly. In a little more than three weeks in fact, we will be relaxing on a ship on our way to the Western Caribbean.  I won’t be packing until the weekend before, but I need a list so I don’t forget anything. I am extremely excited for this trip. I am going someplace I have never been before with a great group of women and my partner in crime sister. We have been warned by my husband that we will most likely be made to ride the dingy of shame on the way back for bad behavior, but that’s a risk we are willing to take. I’m already plotting songs to sing for karaoke and which bars I want to drink from first. Food? Oh yea, I suppose there will be some eating happening, you know to “maintain”.

As we move further in our year and leave the booze cruise behind, our social calendar is filling up fast. Soon, my best friend will be getting married and I will be crowned Fairy Godmother to her son. Well at least I hope there is a crown involved. I have to buy the little one his super pimping little outfit for the occasion too. He’s already a lady killer. My god, that kid had more women on him at last weekend’s football game than a stray has fleas. We are also going to have a 40th birthday party at a shooting range for my husband. December will have a whole weekend devoted to a dear cousin’s wedding.  Oh, let’s not forget Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Whew. The Gauntlet is busier this year than ever.

So, with all that in mind, I find myself already tired. It’s a good thing that Football is almost over, because there would be some seriously disappointed people if I didn’t show up to functions because Master P has a game. I committed to him that I wouldn’t miss a single game if I could help it. It is important to him that we be there. He hears our cheers for him and he needs them.  I won’t say it hasn’t been a rough season. In fact last weekend’s game was the only game they have won. Before that, it was shut out after shut out. Now there are only a couple of games left and I am proud to say from the first teary eyed loss to the hard won victory, I was there. It’s the least I can do, after all he is my source of endless entertainment and joy.

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