Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Transformation of "P"

So as I sit at my desk, eating my lunch, being eaten by flipping mosquitoes, I am thinking about how in 51 days, my sister and I will be off on an adventure with a group of lovely ladies. So far, I have applied for my passport and received a new cruise wardrobe courtesy of my parents. It’s only a 5 day cruise. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But it is to me. Not only is it the first vacation I am taking with my sister since the epic disaster that was our weekend in Fredericksburg, it’s the first vacation I will be out of the great state of Texas since my Trip to Florida in 2002. I have done plenty of weekend trips and a handful of long weekend trips since then. So this trip is a big deal for me.  I am ready to go!


In only 19 days I will be turning 33. This is no milestone. I am neither excited or discouraged. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE birthdays. I love the parties with my family. I am changing it up this year, and I will be skipping my Halloween party. As much as I love to put it together, I won’t have time to do it all  this year. So I will be putting together a scene in the garage this year for the kids, but otherwise the usual Halloween shenanigans will be low key. There is a very good chance that next year’s plans will make up for the slack of this year, but those blueprints are in development and are very hush, hush for now.


Until then I also have Mr. Pigglesworth’s football and hunting season to keep me occupied. It’s amazing how ambivalent towards sports I was up until Piggy’s first game. Now I’m cheering and whooping and hollering for touch downs and blocks! I yelled at the field for one little kid to “take down” the other little kid. At least I am not alone. We have a whole family of support standing there yelling and jumping up and down. Maybe not jumping up and down, cause we are all old and broken, but you know what I mean. Woe be me if I call Piggy anything but “P” on the field. So behind closed doors, he is “Piggy” and “Master Pigglesworth” but on the field his is just “P”. No embarrassing nicknames allowed. I can respect that, or at least try my best. It’s so funny how absolutely serious he is on the field. He passed by us while lined up with his team and I swear he didn’t even crack a smile at us. He was very focused. I can’t help but be proud of that. Of course the second we get back to Pops and Gigi’s for swimming, he is back to his silly old self. He’s growing up just fine.

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