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Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Intolerance and Silver Linings

Here we are in the middle of 2014. For the first 3 months of our year, our life was getting into a new groove. At the end of January, I started a long term assignment with a 2 hour daily commute and 10 hour shifts. I was working every other weekend, but now work 12 days in a row and then have 2 weekends off. I start my day at 5am and get home around 6:15pm. I’m generally tired, but manage it. Just as we started picking up to full speed, we were asked to help out someone that was in a bad place. We agreed to change our lives and home around so the temporary fit into our world was as easy as possible. It was soon apparent that we were from different universes, not just planets. Combining them was about as smart as putting a hunting dog in the same cage with a skunk. In the course of ten weeks, our patience and charity was tested, abused, and eventually ran out. We decided that we needed our home back, and made it so. The relief was tainted by frustration and anger that it had to end the way it had, but there was relief.

Not only did this verify the adage that no good deed goes unpunished, the entire episode was exhausting. It's not completely over, as we are still boarding animals and storing furniture. Soon, this will be over as well. I have learned that I do not tolerate bullshit as well as I used to. Once upon a time, I may have endured or been bullied into giving more time, money and energy. That just isn’t the case any longer. We work too hard for what we have, and I refuse to be disrespected in my own home. I like helping others, but not to the detriment of our happiness. I have no obligation to destroy my own peace for unappreciative interlopers.

There is a silver lining. It's now just the two of us living in our home for the first time in several years. Our long term roommate decided to move to avoid the drama we were enduring. I can finally shower without worrying if my bedroom door is closed. My bra is optional when I change into comfy clothes, and I have an office of my own. My husband is able to lock the doors before bed without worrying if someone will be coming home after we fall asleep. Our home is once again a sanctuary, and if it's messy, it's our own fault. I can't tell you how wonderful it is. There is quiet. I would say you can't put a price on that, but the mortgage company says different.

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  1. YAY!!!! Glad it is the two of you once again! NOW FOR A GIRLS NIGHT Sooooo start vacuuming the cat hair so Kat doesn't have a fit ;) but for real I'm glad your lives are settling down and it sucks that good deeds get punished : /