Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Sunday we had a wonderful “Balentimes” dinner with my parents and my sister and her family. Hayden was the star of course, but a close second was my mom’s pork dinner. There is NOTHING in this world like mom’s cooking. No restaurant could compare. I can only hope that some day, my kids will say that about my food. We all left mom and dads with overly full tummies, and promptly went home and passed out at 8:30 pm. Tryptophan? That ain’t nothing! Try Triptomomsforporkdinner. It makes everyone heavy eyed, including the dogs. 

Yesterday was V-day, and we did exactly what I said we would do. Ate dinner, and hung out. No biggie. Today and tomorrow don’t have much on the agenda. I will attempt to sew a purse, and I have to make my special spaghetti sauce for Crystal’s Birthday on Thursday.  Thursday I am taking the day off, and I am spending it with my sister, because she is getting older, and I need to help her out of the massage pedicure chair. Just kidding Sissy! But really, watch your back as you ease out of that chair.

Birthdays are a fairly big deal in our family. We have parties for DAYS. Of course on your actual birthday, we have dinner, and everyone attends, but then that weekend, we have a real party! With people! (not just our family) We are party hounds, what can I say? We get crunk off the cake frosting. It is like drawing moths to flames. (oops! I think I just rapped a little!)

We have passed the party gene onto my nephew who already has his 6th birthday planned out. Venue, the cake, presents, who will be there are pretty much set in stone. I must admit, he is way more organized than I am. I think I will have him plan out Steve’s next party. Although, I don’t know how much Steve would appreciate a Spider Man themed birthday. Maybe we can go with something a little more grown up, like GI Joe.

This week ends what I so lovingly refer to as the “gauntlet”. It is the period between October 7th (my birthday) and February 17th (Crystal’s birthday). In that 4 month span, we have 5 birthdays, 5 major holidays, and our anniversary. Oh, we have other holidays, and birthdays throughout the year, but we are BUSY during the gauntlet. We buy more gifts, decorate, and eat than any other time of the year. This is what I blame my expanded waistline on. Most people say “Oh, yes on Jan 1st I will start getting fit, and eat only rabbit food!” But I can’t say this, because who eats rabbit food on their father’s birthday, or during super bowl, or on Valentine’s Day, or my sister’s birthday?? See my point? My size is mostly the gauntlet’s fault. We should go after it with torches and pitchforks!!!! But let’s wait till after Thursday! Because, I still have lasagna and cake to eat for my sister’s birthday. 

Cheers Guuuurl! Happy Birthday!!!!

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