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Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Multiple Personality Disorders and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. To some, it is a cursed day, and to others it is special, and for a small fraction, it is the day your husband is required to come home with candy and roses. I used to  fall some where in the middle. It isn’t exactly a national holiday, but it is one I like to celebrate, and I think my husband has finally gotten the idea that roses and candy are required. Sometimes he does better than that, and this year he got me the Kindle DX. As usual, he couldn’t wait to give me my present, so I got it a few weeks ago.

I have run the gambit of Valentine’s Day viewpoints in my life so far. In high school, I could care less about Valentine’s Day. I thought it was so dumb for people to run around giving balloons and stuffed animals that had to be hauled from class to class all day. Not to mention all the starry eyed wussies clogging up the halls. I was a bit cynical back then. I hardly had or wanted a boy to share the sappy holiday with, and the few times I did have someone to share it with, it wasn’t all that anyway.

Then in my senior year of High school, I thought I was in “love-love-love”. Birdies chirping, and blue skies. I had no clue what I was doing.  So much so, that the same guy that I thought I was so madly in love with I married. On Valentine’s Day.  Yea. How romantic right? No, I didn’t think so either. Six months later, our sham of a marriage was dissolved and gone.  Valentine’s Day was a cursed black day for a few years after that. It was a rotten good for nothing, horrible holiday, which deserved none of my attentions.

Eventually, I went back to not caring. I dated on and off after my divorce. I never spent my time with someone that made me go all mushy about any holiday, so I went back to ignoring it. Then, one day I met my husband. Valentine’s Day became fun and all, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Until the year after we started dating that is. I went to much trouble to make that day as special as it could be for us. I can’t divulge details, ever. They would make my mom blush.  But the soon-to-be-husband didn’t leave all the planning to me. He had something up his sleeve that I would never forget.

Valentine’s Day 2004, Steven Karg told me he loved me with a diamond bracelet that literally said “I LOVE YOU” on every link. That was the first time he had ever even hinted to me that he loved me. I was ecstatic, to say the least. I mean, I had been in love with him for over a year! He was a bit slow on the uptake. But now, and forever, any memory I have ever had of any Valentine’s Day in the past, has been out shined, and over shadowed by Valentine’s Day 2004. No one could blame me for going all mushy for that special day. Although, we don’t usually do much but eat a special meal I prepare, and hang out. Like I told my girlfriends, Valentine’s Day is like Tuesday night around our house, unless you count the roses and chocolates, and sappy cards.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t go out to dinner or have special romantic plans. We don’t need to. I just like to celebrate the fact that the big scary plumber guy couldn’t say the three little words we use daily now. He couldn’t write them in a card, or hire a plane to write it in the sky. This big scary plumber chose to buy a dainty, diamond encrusted bracelet that told me he loved me. Nothing wrong with that, but it is pretty funny. I think I will tease him about it when I get home. But, only because I love him. 

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