Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Not To Do When You Invite Kids To A Party

The Party? It was successful. Cake! Food! Decorations! Punch! Yea, it  all worked out very well. Almost everyone dressed up, and not much food was left. Note to self: don't make so much non-alcoholic punch. (Only the kids drink that...) I was happy with the way everything turned out. I kept going till I couldn't move another inch, and thankfully was near our bed when that happened, because I literally passed out from exhaustion. It has been 2 whole days since the party, and I am still tired. I have never had a hangover from too much work. I think I would have felt better if it had been a hangover from alcohol. That way I could have at least made sense of it. Oh well, a long weekend in Fredericksburg weekend after next will help!

The Mad Lab
So the next big event is Halloween, and it looks like we are going to have quite a crowd helping us pass out candy. We can thank my husbands Mad Lab for that. It is so awesome this year! The extra touches really make the difference. We have plenty of pictures to share of the party, but this one seems to be my favorite for now. I don't think anyone got pictures of the food, but I was elated that everything went to plot! The biggest complements I received was from the Tasty Bat Wings. Most were put off by the black color, but the honey teriyaki flavor seemed to be a winner. As usual, the brain mold was eaten by a few brave souls. It is peach flavored, but looks almost too real. Gotta love it! The sleeper hit of the buffet table was the spider pizzas my Co-Birthday girl made. Recipe: http://www.heb.com/recipes/Pizza-Pillar/4534013 She just made them into spiders, and they went quick!


It wasn't the stress of cooking that got to me this time. It was the details. For instance, I had kids coming to my party. But I didn't have anything for them. So I ran out and got stuff to make treat bags. But I also didn't have activities for the kids. Just candy. Kids + Candy = Hyper kids. Hyper kids + Boredom = Destroyed house. My super smart 6 year old nephew saved the day with asking me to turn on the Wii. Magically all 5 kids, no matter the age, played Mario Kart the rest of the night. Thank goodness! Next year, I have a better plan. Step 1: Have activity for kids to do. Step 2: Turn on game system so adults can enjoy adult time. Step 3: Give the kids candy bags on the way OUT!!

Party Favors For 2012

I had so much fun at the party. It was a blast, and I appreciate everyone coming and making it that way. But I had a serious party hang over, and it wasn't from drinking!! Sunday, I woke up and felt like I had done 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR! When in reality, I had 2 drinks all evening. It took me 3 days to get over my exhaustion hangover. It is a sure sign I am getting older. Thankfully, I had few things to do other than enjoy one of my presents (Sims 3 for PC). I have spent the past few days in a cloud of tired. Just today I am feeling back to my perky old self. I guess I am finally showing my age. Gee, thanks 31!

This is what I think of aging. Take that, fact of life!

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