Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Visit From The Flu Fairy

Who is that lurking behind the bushes?? Me!!

Happy Almost Halloween! I know that Tim Curry has had some pretty scary roles in his career, but step aside Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and hello Pennywise! I have never read It, nor have I seen the movie. But when I did a search for scary clowns, this picture seemed to be the most popular. I know why. The first time I laid eyes on it, I did two things. I recognized Mr.Curry, and shivered from the scary look on his face.

This is me, all happy and drinking a beer last Friday
This past weekend, my sister and I made a mad dash to Fredericksburg, TX for a bit of sister only bonding time, and shopping. The first night there was perfect. We had so much fun!  After a very large beer, we went for dinner, and went back to our adorable cottage for general talking, laughing, and movie watching. We had big plans for Saturday. Until... I became ill. The stomach flu my brother in law brought home, had finally reached me. All night long I was up sick, and every time I got up from the bed, my sister woke up, because she is a true light sleeper. By 9am, we knew our day was screwed, but I was going to attempt to do what we could. The Food and Wine Fest was off the table, so we went to Luckenbach, TX for some souvenirs. Afterwords, we headed back to Main Street in Fredericksburg, which is where all the action is, and decided to do some shopping. It was evident that we were miserable, and we weren't going to enjoy the rest of the trip. So we made a mad dash to get a few things for our nearest and dearests, and headed home to Corpus. What a downer. I am pretty sure, since it is my Brother in law's fault every one in our house got ill, so that he owes my sister and I at least a one night stay in a lovely little cottage in Fredericksburg.

This is basically what happened. Thanks Jon.
Well In 5 more days, we will be celebrating the scariest holiday of all! (next to Black Friday that is) Time for pumpkin carving and more spooky ghost stories! I hope you all have a special and spooktacular Haunted Holiday. If you know where I live, stop by for refreshments while you are out with the kiddos, and come see the Mad Lab!!

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