Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

L. L. A F. W. My P. On The G.

Hallmark, Selling Cards for every occasion since 1910

It's only June 6th, and my calender looks like the Hallmark company's dream. 3 birthdays and Father's day? CHA-CHING! This means lots of celebrating, and good old fashioned, restraint. Normally those things wouldn't go together, but this is my practice run for The Gauntlet (aka the holidays). Food will be everywhere, temptation to stray will be strong, but the fear of the pain returning is stronger. Plus, who doesn't want another $30,000 hospital bill? Ah, that would be me. Also, losing weight is nice too. Although, that has hazards of it's own. My pants are really big, and apparently I've lost enough to require a belt. But I didn't have one on Sunday, and when I stepped out of my car after visiting my parents and My pants fell right off, and I flashed my green undies at least 3 houses. Well, as soon as I picked up my saggy drawers and wrangled my dogs inside, I forgot all about the issue at hand and set off to finish up dinner. Even when I kept hitching them up, I wasn't thinking about looking for smaller pants. After dinner, I made a trip to HEB, and as I was walking in I realized that I was going to have an issue. So in the meat aisle, I rigged up a belt made out of my key lanyard, and it worked! Of course when I got home and settled, and was relaxing, I removed the makeshift belt. The second I stood of course my pants dropped to the ground, and I quickly picked up my pants, and what was left of my dignity and went to bed.

Yes sir.....

 Today my sister and her family are returning from their Florida vacation, and I am so happy to have them back. I can't wait to hear about Disney, taking pictures with alligators, and the ride on the air boat through the swamp. The tale will be all over the place, parts will be repeated, and wild flailing limbs will be used to gesture, and I am almost certain he will be on his scooter riding circles around me. But that's okay. Mommy will give me the cliff notes, and Hayden will give me the extended direct to DVD version. I like it that way. There is nothing like an excited almost 7 year old tell you about a roller coaster, while reenacting it. I am planning on some serious pool time this weekend, because I am certain it will be too hot for anything else. Also some food on the grill will be in order. Sounds like a plan to me. Relaxing is just what the doctor ordered to bring my stress levels down. Two more days to freedom! Except I forgot Friday I will be gone all day for an industry event, where I am expected to learn things, and hear things. The prospect doesn't excite me, but I suppose I should be grateful that I don't have to endure the office. But I have a feeling after my 6th lecture of so call insurance related information, I will be ready to cut and run. Kinda like this...

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