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Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stripping Sounds Like A Good Idea Right About Now

Oh Gawd it's hot!
Those of you who live in the Northern hemisphere know that it's summer time. They said on June 20th, summer officially began. What they didn't tell you is that the temps normally reserved for the dog days of summer (July 23rd through August 23rd) are starting now. Yep, those 100+ temps are already here melting our faces and the pavement. With our severe to extreme drought conditions throughout the country, we are set up for a dry and crispy summer. Is it bad that I am at least hoping for a small tropical system to come our way? Not one so strong it could knock over a house, but one that will water our lawns and possibly cool us off. (Hold the mosquitoes please.) With no rain, and these continued temperatures, we might as well go throw some Old Bay seasoning, potatoes, and corn in the Laguna Madre. The crab boil will be done by October. It's BYOB. You can bring the dessert! I like car baked chocolate chip cookies. No, I'm not kidding. Here is the legit story and recipe. I am going to have to try this soon. What have we got to lose? Absolutely nothing! But all this chocolatey goodness to gain.

Bake in oven-like car for 2 1/2-3 hours. Best air freshener ever! 

Speaking of hot, there is a certain movie coming out that has strait males all over the world rolling their eyes and grumbling over. Let me point out something to you... Movies with strippers for men: Striptease, Grindhouse, Showgirls, From Dusk till Dawn, Sin City. Movies with strippers for women: The Full Monty. In case you forgot about it or never saw it, let's do a quick comparison.

Demi Moore in Strip Tease. Wowza!
The Dudes from The Full Monty. NOT WOWZA!!

So give your lady a break over going to see Magic Mike this weekend. It's finally balancing out. She may even be frisky when she gets home. You might take advantage and get a pull away tux and have some thumping music ready for when she comes home. Treat her to a private dance, and you just may get tipped! *Wink!*

I am going to the movies myself this weekend. Not to see men, but to see a zebra dressed as a circus clown. Hayden asked me to take him to the movies this Friday night because he wanted to see something. I asked him what he would like to see, and he said he didn't care. I have a feeling he is craving popcorn and soda. I don't mind at all. I loved Magagascar 1&2, and I figure 3 will be entertaining. However, I will be sad due to not being able to eat a bucket of popcorn alone. I plan on smuggling some low fat popcorn in my extremely big bag, but it is no substitute for the real thing. I hope I am not caught in possession of a low fat substance I hear they give you 5 to 10 in the big house for that one. I'd rather smuggle in popcorn than blow my calories and fat for 3 days on ONE tub of popcorn.  It is 77 g of fat and 55 g saturated fat without butter added for a large, with the extra butter, you're looking at 126 g of total fat and more than 70 g of saturated fat. It's just not worth it.

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