Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

I Thwarted

Self Control, I haz it! (but by not much!)
I hit a weak point this weekend. Saturday night I came home from my parents after a long day, not feeling so well, and after about an hour nap I woke up feeling ravenous. I was starving, and I had a craving. I didn't discuss my craving with anyone. (I really should have a sponsor or someone to call when I start feeling indignant.) Never the less, I announced I was going to get something, and left with no further words. I felt like a teenager sneaking off to drink beer at the beach! I was going to go to Whataburger, and get myself a burger and fries! I talked myself out of and into it at least 4 times in the short drive to the restaurant from home. The teeny tiny, yet insistent voice of reason was fighting with my who-gives-a-crap side. I really thought the voice of reason was bullied back into the depths of my subconscious, and I was going to get that burger, until at the last stop light before the restaurant. I was so close to fatty heaven. The second the light turned green, my blinker came on, and I took a right and headed to our grocery store, HEB. I  purchased the leanest ground beef available, and went home to make burgers on the grill, and bake some fries. I suppose my aversion to pain is strong enough to beat out even the strongest cravings.

I must have used up all my common sense up Saturday, because by Sunday, my brain was on auto pilot. I had one goal in mind, and it was to make home made peach ice cream. I looked for just the right recipe, and I made sure to get everything I needed while at the store. With my sister and brother in law's help and their ice cream maker, I made not only peach ice cream, but vanilla bean ice cream too. They were both good. I had a scoop of each. Neither of them was what you considered low fat or lactose free.  But had eaten little all day, and wasn't worried about the fat content. Somehow, in all of this I had forgotten my lactose intolerance. I have been drinking almond milk for months, even before the pancreatitus.  By the time I got home, the magnitude of what I had done had already begun haunting me. By 4 am I hated myself. Not one of my finest moments... yes I can do stupid things too!

And good bye strep throat every other week!
This Thursday, The Intrepid Mr. Pigglesworth will have his tonsils removed. So far, he has been very brave.  He is already letting us know he will be eating plenty of ice cream and squishies (slushies), and his talking will be limited. I wish I could find my old school snoopy ice cone maker, that would entertain him and help keep him hydrated.

Despite all the talk and the prep that has been going on to get him ready for this, there is one loose end that still needs to be tied down. His mommy. Her baby is going in for SURGERY and she is scared he is going to come out of the anesthesia kicking and screaming as he has done before. She is officially a basket case. I wish I could take the day off and be with both of them, but sadly my schedule these next two weeks doesn't leave any available time open. So let's all hope Hayden has grown out of his angry reaction to sedation, and his Mommy doesn't rip the nurses in two while waiting to see for herself that her baby is okay.

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