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Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Reach Fer The Sky!

Yesterday, while couples across the world were snuggling and sharing boxes of chocolate for the romantic holiday of the year, I was at the dentist having my tooth pulled. Bad timing? Yes. Am i relieved the pain is gone? Absolutely. While I was at home recovering, I made a lovely steak dinner for my husband, that I couldn’t eat. But I did get to eat the side dishes I made. I made a brownie/cake and enjoyed a small portion of that, so I could say I had some chocolate.

The snuggling part didn’t happen because my brother in law came over to visit, and by the time my husband crawled into bed, I was passed out. It was the least romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day in the history of ever. I did at least try to make it special for my husband. The steak, the chocolate, doing his laundry, and the silly/sappy card were all tokens of love and shows of appreciation. I know we shouldn’t just use one day to show how much we love someone, but I choose to hold it as a special day.

Just as we should be celebrating being alive every day, we lavish extra attention on each other during our birthdays. St Patrick’s day we kiss Irish people and get drunk, and Thanksgiving we stuff turkey’s with stuffing, and then stuff ourselves with the stuffed turkey. We don’t really need those special days do we? But they are traditions that we hold dear. That is how I view Valentine’s day. It’s tradition, and we observe it. I know people have alternately turned it into singles awareness day, and you know what? That’s fine. Do what you need to do. I still like the romantic stuff.

Tomorrow is my sister’s party. We are looking forward to hanging out and celebrating her 30th birthday. I have all sorts of yummy things in store for her. I’m hoping the weather holds up, and the jello wrestling ring that I am planning on setting up can still happen. If not, I still have a few other things that I can keep her occupied with. Least of which will be target practice with blown up pictures of the least favorite people she has dealt with over the past 30 years. Nothing says “getting over my past” like shooting your crossbow between your ex boyfriend’s eyes. That’s not really what I have planned. We don’t really care about those people, I just think it would be funny.

This weekend, I am also looking forward to looking at hand guns for myself. My husband has been giving me lessons on how to operate his, but my hands are too small to easily reach the clip release one handed, and the slide is harder for me to pull back with my left hand without moving the gun to an unsafe position. He is just as excited as I am. We are bonding over fire arms, which is entirely more useful than bonding over video games. It makes me happy to be doing something with my husband other than our usual routine, and learning how to properly defend yourself with a gun just makes good sense.

As soon as I have the hand gun right for me, hopefully we will be taking our courses to conceal carry. I am being told that there is legislation in the works that would allow us to open carry without a permit. I think this is a highly unwise position. I think everyone who wants to buy a gun must at least once, go though lengthy and proper training. The more people out there with guns who know what they are doing will be a relief. If we just let any old fool have a gun and let them carry it on their hip in public, well we deserve to get shot if that happens.

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