Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Did Ya Miss Me?

It’s been 49 days since my last post. I have been mega ultra busy in those 49 days, and they haven’t all been used on playing Candy Crush or waiting for lives in Candy Crush. First of all, I had a nephew born, then one graduated, then another turned 8 this weekend. Holy cow my nephews have been draining the bank accounts and our time. But that’s perfectly fine with me. Once our beloved nephew Alex comes down to live nearby, we will have one more to have fun with! Not only have I been busy with parties, births, and other related sundries, I have been working on a book. Yes, with chapters and pages. It was one of my biggest goals this year. Good, bad, or ugly, I’m filling up the pages with text. So in summary, I have let my blog become a back burner item. I didn't stop enjoying writing here, I just had my time swallowed up by so many other things.

On May 28th, Brock was born ridiculously good looking and perfect in health. I was lucky enough to be one of the few witnessing his first moments out of his mommy. They scrubbed him down, they poked, prodded, and otherwise roughed up the poor little guy in the nursery, and he cried maybe twice. He does pouty lips all too well already, and I can see where his mom will not have the power to say no, ever. One spoiled rotten child, coming up! But it’s okay. As long as you teach the child to appreciate all the wonderful things he has, and that people do for him, he will be spoiled, but not a spoiled brat. I look forward to seeing him grow up. Speaking of growing up, my own Mr. Pigglesworth is officially a 3rd grader, 8 years old, and enrolled in football! I couldn't be prouder. It’s all happening so fast. The next thing I know I am sitting at a graduation for the 10 year old boy that wanted his father to get married so he could finally get a dog. Oh, that was Devin, who somehow found the fast forward button. 8 years later, he is getting ready for college, and hopefully sticking with it. His dad did get married, to my sister, and first came Pigglesworth, and next came the dog. Who incidentally, is going in for surgery today.

Yes, my dog nephew Shiner is headed to San Antonio today to repair his broken leg after he tried to stop a car’s tire with aggressive growling and snapping. Lucky for him, the car was moving very slowly, unlucky for him, he has a cracked pelvis and a broken back leg. Hopefully, he will be back to normal soon. He’s feeling awfully sorry for himself thanks to his temporary cast, and being unable to operate as he did before. It’s a rough life, eh Maga? I feel even more sorry for my sister and brother in law who have to endure all of this because Shiner hates tires. Prejudice and hate get you nowhere and nothing but more pain! He needs tire tolerance classes.

Last week, I found a good home for my two dogs, and they are now living with a family of 6 who couldn't wait to lavish love and attention on them. As sad as it was for me, I knew it was best. Having dogs in my house just wasn't meant to be. The Hellions are in a better home, and I am happy for them.

New beginnings and bittersweet endings seem to be the pattern in my life this year. My plan for right now is to carry on with my writing, and spending time with my family, and living my life. By the time this year is done, I may be singing a different tune, but you can rest assured I will be singing something. 

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