Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Eww! Snow!! Gross!!!!

You know what I heard on the TV this morning? The weatherman predicted possible snow flurries. I almost choked on my delicious coffee. I live in South Texas. We do not get snow. Well we did once, but that is because Steve asked me to marry him. (That’s another story) Also, that was 6 years ago! It had been over a hundred years since the last time we had snow here. I can deal with every 100 years, not every 6 years.  If I wanted snow, I would move further north. I haven’t, and I don’t want to. I hate the cold.  Snow, ugh! People in Corpus drive like complete idiots in the rain, if you let them drive in snow I can imagine it will look like this on SPID:

There is nothing in this world that could get me to drive in that weather, short of my Husband, Parents, Sister, Nephews, Best friend, or any of our animals. Okay, so basically I would go out if someone I love needed me to. Otherwise, it can wait till the snow clears.

Other than the shocking news of possible snow, I had a busy weekend being an April-sized pin ball. I spent time with my sister, and then hung out with a friend, spent time with my Hubby, and again, with my sister, then the sister (again), and then the nephew, and then the hubby, all in that order.  It was fun, and exhausting. I went to the local farmer’s market for the first time on Saturday with my friend. It was actually pretty cool. They didn’t have many booths, but I did pick up some cool stuff to try. Not to mention the sweetest carrots I have ever had the pleasure of chewing on. They were seriously wonderful. I can’t wait to go get more next weekend.

I do have a rather packed schedule for next weekend too. Super Bowl Sunday is coming, and while the Hubby and I never watch football, we are having a party. The event was instigated by one of my brother in laws, who for reasons unknown to me, decided that our house was perfect for him and his buddies to come over and eat us out of house and home. The hubby cares not. He loves it when we put on a spread. Nothing excites him more than to eat nachos, chicken wings, and other greasy goodies unabashedly. I guess that means I better call HEB and order a vat of Maalox. Indigestion city here we come!!!

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