Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, Monday. Can't Trust that Day.


That is right! No "hello how are you", just two links for you to click on. Show me how much better you are at following instructions than I am, and do what these links tell you to do! Please help those of us that wish to fatten you up with our absurdly delicious baked goods, and be legally compensated for it. Face-bookers can go to http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/TexasBakersBill and read all about the cause, and what else you can do to help!

Now that I have that very important message out of the way, I wish to bid you good day! I hope everyone who reads this has had a spectacular week so far, and has grand plans for this coming weekend. Me? I plan on doing so many things that I will be unable to remember where I work Monday morning and eventually end up having to find myself another job. Mondays are killer for many reasons. People get to work and are focused for the week, so they tend to call more often and ask you for things. You are already not wanting to be there because you spent the last few days staying up late, and sleeping in! Did you know you are more likely to "go postal" on a Monday than you are on Friday? Shocking information!

I had a not-so-happy Monday yesterday. Mine consisted of being called in for a meeting in the boss' office (The Slimy Vampire) to be told that my supervisor (The Rabid Chihuahua) is leaving the company, and we are getting someone who is not properly licensed, and is going to have to be trained 100%. Also, she is getting married, so she won't be here very much till after her wedding according to the vampire. I really just hope she is nice, and that I can find a job that I really want soon. Until then, I will stay here, and do my part to keep this ship afloat. I was only slightly disgruntled about this turn of events until my co worker announces that she too will be leaving! Then, I went on strike, and got that stabby-punchy feeling. Because do you realize exactly how much work I will have?? I know you don't, so I am telling you- "I HAVE ALOT OF WORK." There is also the issue that I am not getting a penny more than I was last week, when I wasn't playing the roll of "Super Girl" taking on three jobs at once.

I am a little like Super Girl and a little like Carrie

So I will be living for the weekend, even more so than before, still making the same money, and end up being a whole lot more worn out. I am going to suggest mandatory hour massages weekly, and healthy snacks to be brought in. I can't be expected to take this burden on all by myself. Oh, wait, I am! Well, the office Nazi is still here, but that doesn't make me jump for joy. I can't even discuss things with him without needing a stress ball of sorts in my hand so he can't see my clenched fists. This does not bode well.

On the upside, I did take on a part time position at Examiner.com to be the the newest Infertility and Miscarriage Examiner. This means that a few times a week, I am writing short articles on things that I feel are important for people to know on this subject. I am excited! While it isn't a full time paying job it will be great practice for my writing skills. I will link the info as soon as I have everything squared away. This is just one step closer to writing that made for TV drama staring Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Joline entitled "I Got Yo Man". (Just kidding! ha ha ha)

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