Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring and Such

I love the fall, but my next favorite season is spring. Both seasons are brief, if they even come at all here in South Texas. Our weather is typically hot with widely scattered patterns of heat. Who needs a sauna when you have our free 100+ degree weather and humidity? It is the same reason why I will never need to perm my hair again. I am saving a fortune in hair chemicals! But spring is lovely. It is warm outside, but not face-melting hot. Things are green, and not the summer's signature shade of toasty brown. These few weeks are awesome, and I will be spending as much time as I can soaking it up. Sadly, most of the time I will be locked away at work. Thank goodness for hour lunches.
Spring Has Sprung, and Such!

But even when summer's temps are fusing our backsides to plastic lawn furniture, I enjoy myself. I love getting into the tepid soup of grass clippings, sand, and dead bugs that our pool becomes shortly after it is put up. I have been a sun worshiper since I was knee high to a tadpole. (as per Daddy's recollections) Yet, now I worship under spf 50 sunblock and a hat. I know, I can be such a kill-joy, but really. Sunburns suck, and skin cancer is a real threat. Don't worry, I still enjoy a few beers, so I haven't gone 100% goody-goody. This is the sort of thing that happens when you grow up.

Speaking of growing up... I have been doing very well on my change in diet, if I do say so myself. I even went to a Mexican restaurant with my family this weekend, and I didn't fall for the "Oh I have been so good" trap. Actually, I have had been surprised at myself. I guess I really did scare the cravings for junk right out of my brain. Friday, I attended the funeral for my friend Nick, and after the service had  lunch with a girlfriend.  I am with no doubt, an emotional eater. My friend and I are both Sonic chili cheese coney fans. We go for the tots too. (Yea, we bad.) I had every reason to order the foot long hot dog with tots. Yet, as if my right and left thighs talked it over and over-ruled me, I ordered the grilled chicken salad with fat free italian. I looked at my friend confused at first. Who said that!? But just then, my brain put my thighs on speaker phone for me, and they said "Girl, you do NOT need that junk food. Nick would rather you be healthy than for you to mourn him with chili and cheese."

Yes, I was shocked that my thighs cared enough to intervene too. All silliness aside, this hasn't been as hard as I had always said it would be. When Steve told me he wanted frito pie for dinner, I had no problem resisting it. I made myself a salad that was just amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was so healthy, it might have been illegal in a few states. I rewarded myself for my excellent choices by making a strawberry banana smoothie. Steve even had a glass of it, even though I didn't tell him it had greek yogurt in it. But he liked it! Sorry for tricking you Beebs! But yea, that was good stuff wasn't it? You will take that calcium and you will LIKE IT!!!!

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