Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Seamstress , The Baker, The Bar of Soap Maker

Yesterday's post that I had originally planned was derailed by a man that had no idea what a blog was. Ironic, I know. But Nick deserved his own little slice of the web, and if I could do more, I would. Nick would want life to go on as usual, because that is what he would have done, and so it shall. 

This past weekend was pretty triumphant as far as hobbies go. I told you back in January that I desired to learn to sew. Well, I finally did it! The first project I decided upon was not the pants as I had originally stated. I went for the purse. Yes, the one with interfacing and interlining, and what not. But I didn't go unarmed. I had my mother as my guide. She did really well while teaching me. Much better than when she was trying to teach me to drive on the freeway for the first time, and shrieked at me at the top of her lungs when I didn't change lanes fast enough.  She was what I would call "high strung". I refused to let her teach me how to drive from that moment on. My daddy completed my hours with me. She totally redeemed herself during the sewing lessons. Better relationship healing through hobbies. It will be my first book I think! (not!)

So back to the purse. It actually turned out NICE! Yea, I know shocking for a first timer. I wouldn't say it was worthy to sell, because I stitch just as crooked as I write my ABC's. (my handwriting is atrocious!) But I was getting better towards the end, and the final product was cute enough to hand over to my sister. I did so with much pride. Now, I will be looking at making a second purse, and possibly a third. Because really, how cool would it be to be able to make what ever accessory you want? If I could make my own shoes, I might just never leave my sewing machine!

Also, Steve has been bugging to get his hands on soap making materials. He had a strong desire to make frilly smelly soaps, and who and am I to judge? So I went to Hobby Lobby, and purchased the materials, and we fired out a couple test batches. They came out wonderfully! We made lavender/rose/thyme, and he made a cinnamon vanilla. Our soaps also boast shea butter and aloe! Yes, very fancy. Steve, ever the artist, has even designed packaging.

If Texas passes the HB 1139, (The Bakers Bill) and allows us to start baking things like breads, cakes and cookies for sale from home, we may just be looking at "Beebs and Beebs Cottage Goods". I am looking forward to totally revamping the outside of my home to go with the cottage theme and writing it off on my taxes. So go to your state reps and make some noise about getting HB 1139 passed. If you do, I will give away a handmade purse with every cookie and cake purchase for the first 50 orders! 

Want more info in the HB 1139? Please visit: http://www.TexasCottageFoodLaw.com

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