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Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Diamond Encrusted Depends for Your Anniversary

I know I have been a bad, bad girl. It has been two weeks without a word from me, and now, you don’t know if I am alive or dead! Well I am most certainly alive, and I have been extraordinarily busy. Work, home, and weekend activities have kept me exhausted! As you will recall, weekend before last, I had a sleep over with The Pig (aka Hayden) and then last weekend was Air Show 2011. This entire week at work has been drama-filled and never ending. Except for the fact that you know, this is Friday. This doesn’t change the fact that this past week felt never ending. Oh never mind, you know what I mean!

Pig and I had a wonderful time during our sleep over. We will do that again soon for sure. We watched Sponge Bob, and went fishing, watched movies, and played at the park. Besides the fact that he woke up at 3:30 am that morning, it was wonderful. I love that kid, and I can at least know that if I never get to have children, Hayden is just as good as my own. As much as I hate that he is growing up so fast, I can’t wait to see who he grows up to be. It is a pretty heady thing knowing how much your words and actions can impact a child. I think our family is doing a great job with Hayden so far. I may be eating those words in 10 years, but, it won’t be the first time I have done it. Certainly won’t be the last. 
Watching Sponge Bob because we wanted to, don't judge!

Fishin' n' Stuff

The basic rundown of Air Show 2011 was: busy, tired, sunburn, some air planes, good food, great friends, end scene. I am glad it is all over, but I am super glad that we did it. The group of people we had together was endlessly fun and entertaining. If you were there, you know what I mean. Remember: "We're going home now and never, ever, under any circumstances known to God speak about this again is that clear? It is now merely a future therapy bill agreed?" (Oh it wasn't that bad.) We have our limits on the good time we can have, we are old with most of us being 30 or older. Such party animals! We were all yawning and getting to bed around 10:30. OLD!

This weekend we are blissfully boring people, with nothing pressing to do. It is rare, so I plan on enjoying it. Hayden and I have a date Saturday night, since my sister and her hubby are celebrating their 6th anniversary. The traditional gift is iron and the modern is wood objects. In Beebsville, the traditional gift is child care for the length of one evening! I’ve got that base covered. In researching anniversary gifts, I was amazed at some of the gift suggestions they have.

Did you know your 5th anniversary is your “wooden” anniversary? This apparently means that after 5 years, you are still getting some, so, congratulations! Your 10th anniversary is marked as “tin”. Take heed from the Tin Man, if you stay in one spot too long, your joints get rusty and freeze up, which relates to “stuck in a rut” in my eyes. 15th is crystal, and then your 20th is China. This makes no sense to me. I mean, crystal is shiny and flashy and beautiful. China is also lovely but fragile, and see through. What does that mean?? After 20 years, you are worn thin? After that, the gifts are pretty normal and more extravagant till you get to the 90th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is stone. Yep, that is what it says! Gold, diamonds,and pearls you get for sticking with the same person for 50-75 years. If you make it to 90 years married, which is almost physically impossible, you get stone. 

Americans average age at death is almost 80 these days, hey my granny is going strong at 90 years old. (We know how to keep those chickens kickin’!)  But, you would both have to live to be 100 and have been married at 10 years old in order to make it to your stone anniversary. You know what? I think that is crap. I think if you were married to one person for 90 living years, then you deserve one million dollars, and jewel encrusted “Depends”! If you managed to stay married to someone longer than most humans live, you should get to kick the queen out of Buckingham Palace. That would be a fitting stone gift in my eyes.

So, happy 6th anniversary to Crystal and Turk the makers of Hayden flavored snacks. Also, coming up is Hayden’s 6th birthday, and mine and Steve’s 6th anniversary… oh noes! The mark of the beast!! The year before 2012!! What does this all mean!? Nothing. It just means in 2005 we were all realllllly busy. 
First comes love, then comes marriage, then 2 months later a baby in a baby carriage.Or something like that. 

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