Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Monday Musings with a Hint of Greek Mythology

A super great happy fantastic weekend was had by most. I would say all, but then I would be lying. I had a great long weekend. My only regret was that it flew past in a pork and chocolate flavored, brightly colored blur. (Not pork and chocolate together. Unless it is chocolate covered bacon, which isn’t all bad, till you realize how horrible it is for you.) Yesterday we were so stuffed I had to drink water in little sips to get it to go down. 2 pork dinners less than 4 hours apart was not a great idea. But when you have two families to appease, you make due! The Easter Bunny didn’t pass me up this year, and I received an amazing basket filled with cute and thoughtful things. I guess I have been doing something right! 

I am trying to think of where I would like to vacation (day dream) to this year. I have been gathering booklets and pamphlets for places like Fiji and Playa Del Carmen, maybe even St. Barts. I pull them out and just can’t decide where I want to vacation (day dream) at next.  The reality will probably be a few days at home, with Steve, doing nothing but using time, since I can’t take time in the last quarter of the year. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky, and get to do some thing amazing. Hope springs eternal!

May is officially 5 days away. I find that fact nothing short of amazing. Next month my nephew will be 6, and the temps will be close to 106.  Texas is quickly becoming a desert, yet, we are getting ready to set ourselves to steam thanks to the 80% humidity. I pray that we have a pool to swim in this year. We are going to need it. I love early spring because it is warm, but not hot, and late fall is cool, but not cold.  Summer and Winter can take a hike. I know our electric bill takes a hike. Ba-dum tish!

As you can see, I went ahead and switched my blog background to my May theme. It is a lovely picture of the Goddess of Spring , Maia. (AKA Bona Dea or The Good Goddess) As you might have figured out, the month of May was named after her.  She is also known as a goddess of fertility. At this point, I will take all the help I can get. If you get pregnant after reading this blog, I cannot be held responsible, but you may name your children after me.

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