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Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why My Office Should Have a Lexapro Dispenser in the Kitchen

My nerves. They are frayed. My boss is on the last one.

I'm going to write the labor board, maybe OSHA, possibly FEMA. I am not sure yet. I believe that when you work in an office with bosses like mine, you should be given a jar of anti anxiety pills like a jar of peppermints, and be offered free refills. If something doesn't give soon, I may end up in a padded room. Or at least packing my stuff and hoping McDonald's still has a burger-flipping position open. Daddy would be so proud. But at least I would retain my sanity.

Custom fit for safety and comfort!

Yesterday was a test in patience and working under pressure. I am cool calm and collected under that kind of time crunch, usually. But add in a boss who is making demands and threatening, and I will start muttering under my breath, and eventually I will snap. Well I deserve an award because I didn't snap yesterday, even though I was above and beyond that point with him. We had a large project, that as usual he gave us very last minute. Needless to say it was 5 min till the deadline for this project, and he was walking out the door threatening us about how mad he was going to be if he was late with the proposals. Without going into too many details, he had known about this project since 5-9. He didn't give it to us until 6-3 @ 1:30pm. I stayed late on 6-3 to e-mail him a rough draft. Monday he doesn't respond to my rough draft. Tuesday morning, there is a fax on the machine from 10:30pm the night before. They were his illegible revisions. We fixed and retyped. He doesn't come in till 11:30am, and then leaves again till 1pm. As we are FINALLY going over the product, he is too busy texting and e-mailing from his phone to pay attention. 2:30 pm, we do the final revisions. Trying to reformat, and do many other things we make it to 3:30 and we are copying and binding. 3:50 The big boss is making rude remarks and pacing behind me. 3:55, I go sit at my desk and do this:

Thank goodness for co workers than keep me sane, and my friends and hubby that listen to my ranting. Even with their kindnesses, I was worn thin when I came in this morning. The Office Nazi picked a bad day to be condescending and rude. He wasn't even directing his attitude at me, and I was losing it. His aggressive and relentless, not to mention LOUD grilling of my co worker, made my hackles rise. So much so. that I couldn't concentrate on what I was working on. So I did the last thing I could do without going postal. I tuned into my Pandora, and turned up the volume. Take that jerk! Also, my blood pressure came down quite a bit. It hasn't been the only pot hole of the day, or hell the week for that matter. It sure would have been easier if we had those pills... maybe I would be thinking this:

Instead of this:

Going, going, gone postal!!!!

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