Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gauntlet Continues... Into The Holiday Abyss

Guajalote! (pronounced Wa-ha-low-tay.)

Well hello November. Cooler weather? Check. Thoughts of turkey dinner, and pumpkin pie? Check. Christmas shopping, and my Hubby's birthday? Sorta check, and kinda check. October was busy, but it flew by in a blur of parties, illnesses, and Halloween candy. Now I have November to tackle. I will actually have around 2 weeks of down time this month, so I will try to fill it with crafting and present shopping for next month. Where we thought we may be going out of the state for a visit to family, ticket prices thwarted that idea. Honestly, shouldn't it be a crime to charge $1,300 for two people to fly on a super cramped plane with no meal. I would much rather our loved ones use the cash they were going to spend on our tickets for more important things like extra presents for my nephew and some industrial sized heaters for this winter season. I have a feeling they will need them! (if recent weather patterns are anything to go by) We will have to arrange something less expensive. I hate to disappoint my nephew for the second time this year, but I just don't think it is monetarily feasible. Who knows, maybe a Fristmas miracle will happen, and the hubby and I will be packing long johns for a trip soon. I wonder how cold it is up there during New Years?

Colder than a polar bears toe nails.

My husband and I have begun the breakdown process for Halloween in the house. I am debating on how soon I want to pull down the Christmas stuff. I think while we are in the attic we should pull down the tree and other items I use. I am going to be using a new color scheme on the tree, so I won't be needing the old ornaments. I like variety, and after 4 years of the same coppers golds and silvers, I am ready for something new. When I collect enough sets, I will just rotate them out. Our first tree started out red and silver, and then purple and silver. This year I have a more whimsical approach in mind.

This is my inspiration.

I do this for just us in the house, because we don't normally have a party for the Holly Jolly season. We leave that to my parents and my sister, who have Christmas Eve and Christmas day taken care of. I will have plenty of people over helping me in the kitchen for the usual seasonal baking extravaganza (hint-hint! I pay in cookies and other goodies) I am pretty sure that us making tamales is not on the schedule either. It was fun, but omg was it exhausting, and messy. Maybe this year I'll have my lady friends over for a cookie exchange and wrapping party... Dang it! Here I go having great ideas! I guess I am going to add another event to my list, because that sounds like fun. I am going to stop while I am ahead. Forward March!!! Left, right, left, right, left, right, left…

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