Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Face Is Numb! Merry Christmas!

December is hands down the busiest month out of all the months for me. If I am not shopping, I'm cooking, or wrapping, or spreading my personal brand of cheer. It takes planning, multiple lists, and epic amounts of Diet Coke to stay on track and get it all done before Dec 25th. But of course the cosmos sees that I am busy doing, seeing, and getting, and decides it is time to throw a wrench in my works with a severe allergy attack combined with a lovely chest cold. In order to get over this illness, I spent no less than $110 on a doctor visit and some medications to "reduce the symptoms", and while I am not coughing up my lungs, my face is numb from the codeine in the putrid flavored cough syrup they prescribed me. I am not wholly sure why the only thing I can taste is the one thing I wish I couldn't taste, but I will continue to do as told by my Doctor, because we have 11 days till Christmas. And I have many, many, MANY more things to do before the 25th.

Making more of these sock puppies is tops on my list!!
I began to make my stuffed animals for the kids this past weekend. The first pattern I used was easy enough, except that it took me 2 1/2 hours of cursing and sewing to get done. That is the vaguely dog-shaped thing you see lying next to Mr. Scruffles. (yea, I named my first born sock puppy. So what!) I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be, but instead my sister got a new ornament for her tree! SO back to the drawing board and the store. With 2 socks, stuffing, buttons, ribbon ,and string Mr. Scruffles came to be. (Thanks Martha Stuart! Pattern Can Be Found Here ) Even with my limited sewing knowledge, and having no feelings in my face, I did am okay job. My second is almost done, and not too bad if I do say so myself. I only have 3 more to make, and I will stop. I still need to bake cookies, and make candies. The rest of my list will be checked off this weekend if I can help it any, and I will hopefully start Christmas week as cool, calm and collected as I planned on feeling. Instead of how I feel at the moment:

Stress Much?
But all is not a total an complete "fluster cluck" yet. I mean, yes, my hubby's body is falling apart rapidly and I can do nothing for him, and my car battery is dead and will have to be replaced before I can leave work, and so what if  I had to spend over $100 on allergies, and my house may be a disaster area, and my bedroom may be cringe worthy? I am still excited about Christmas. When I am running around on the day before Christmas eve trying to find stocking stuffers and last minute presents while baking cookies and sewing stuffed animals from socks, while also doing laundry because he has "nothing to wear" and making dinner. That is when you will find me in the quietest corner of my home drinking JD Black strait from the bottle and stuffing chocolate while humming my version of "Beebs Got Run Over by a Reindeer".  So, if you come to see me, approach slowly, in a submissive stance. Don't look me directly in the eye, and have either chocolate or whiskey with you. Remembering these rules will help save your life.

Just set the presents down, and back away Santa!

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