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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day is Not Just for Lovers!

I am not very shocked but so very sad to see so many disenchanted with Valentine's Day today. Well I am here to tell you to get cupids arrow outta your butt. You fail to see the scope of the holiday entirely. Yes, it is a ploy for you to buy even more mass produced commercial crap, but since it is connected to "Romance" the holiday is highly and sometimes hotly debated. But the holiday has been around before there were greeting card companies, FTD, and waxy chocolate offerings. You can't blame them, they just jumped on the highly lucrative band wagon. But I hear the same arguments over and over as to why Valentine's Day is a sham.

1. We don't "do" Valentine's day because I don't want him/her to spend $75 on flowers that will die, and balloons that get in the way, chocolate that will make me fat, and a card that has someone else's sentiments in it.  Hmm, I would put $1,000 bucks down on a bet that if your significant other walked in the door with all of the above, you would melt, get mushy, and feel utterly loved. That's the point you cynical hypocrite! Unless you just hated your significant other (and some do), you would fall victim to the oldest Valentine's trick! You felt special and loved on this the day of made up holidays! Ah-HA! But it is entirely possible that you adopted the sour disposition due to a clueless and unromantic spouse. If that is the case, I am sorry, and they need a butt whooping. It is all about a special day of love and appreciation, and even if the flower companies are profiting, and every one gets a heart box filled with fat, you still deserve the special attention.

2. I am single, and this holiday just makes me feel sad, lonely, and makes me hate the world.
It's true. This holiday is meant for lovers and romance. I am truly sorry that the others (like me) that enjoy the day, make you feel so unloved even if we aren't trying to. It isn't fair, and my idea is for you to not dwell on it. I know! How can you with all these flowers being carried around by these mostly unworthy hoochies and people asking where your flowers are?? Those nasty shrews! You have a reason to hate this holiday, and I give you leave to do so. But, instead of sulking, put a fun spin on it. Throw an Anti-Valentine's day party! Serve lemonade adorned with "sour grapes", and single serve pizzas. Make it into an event that is wholly your own. No need for a bad day, have fun with it! Who knows, you might meet someone at your party, and next year, you might not be throwing an Anti-Valentines Day Party.

3. We don't need a specific day to show our love. 
Oh that is so very true. I love my husband daily and I show it, by making dinner, kissing him, and telling him I love him every day. Every day I do these things, and we go about our usual life. We also buy what we want within reason throughout the year. So really we need no special occasion to declare our love. But, as with all holidays, we choose to observe it. What blows my mind is that people complain about Valentine's Day way more than any other highly commercialized holiday. Many have no problems buying $200 worth of crap to fill an Easter basket for your kids, but a plushy teddy bear holding a stuffed heart is offensive?? I don't get it. You can't say that it is in celebration of something religious. You tell me where in the bible it says that we are to buy sugar-encrusted marshmallow barnyard babies (peeps) and chocolate bunnies to shove in a basket filled with colored plastic grass, and then dump them out and use the basket when it is time to go hunt plastic eggs in the yard that are filled with even more chocolate. Even if you don't have kids, you buy expensive electronics and other various junks and wrap them up in honor of Jesus' birthday? Hmm hmm.

If you really love bashing the holiday than go ahead, as long as it gives you some pleasure. Hope your Tuesday was good, and :

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