Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Growing Things and Pains

No, that isn't what you think it is.....
Before I get into why I have a jar with a clipping of fragrant green stuff on my desk at work, I would like to remark on the scene just behind the focal point. See that hallway? Doesn't it look like the portal to freedom and hell at the same time? I suppose that is my own view of it. Anyway, back to the clipping of green stuff. It is basil! This past week my sister and I went to a place for lunch, and had some yummy pesto chicken panini sandwiches. The pesto was amazing! So I inquired about it, and the waitress said that the owner grows her own, right on the property, and if we wanted to, I could take some, and put the clipping into water, and it will sprout roots so I could plant it!  Challenge excepted! So I don't know how long it takes, or if I did it correctly, but I am hoping that I can plant this in a back corner of my yard, where I hear it grows like a weed. Yummy!! I have dreams of lemon basil soaps, lotions, and dinners and dishes galore. One tiny little plant, all these plans. I may just kill it with expectations!

Sir Griff of Deskshire!
 I have another new addition to my desk at work, thanks to my friend Danielle who knows I have been reluctant to buy another fish since Harbor passed. So she gave me this little fella who I dubbed "Griff" thanks to the artist's name painted on the bottom. I think the name just fits this hip little pet rock. Griff is very detailed and ever smiling, which make me smile. You can go see Griff (the artist) and his "Pet Rock Revival" at The Farmers Market here in Corpus Christi. Get there no later than 9 am on Saturday, and pick up some sweet carrots, farm fresh eggs, and a new pet rock!

This week has been torturous, busy, and is finally at an end.  My sister rescued a dog, and no one wants to claim the poor thing.(See here) Of course growing up in a domesticated animal petting zoo, we are soft hearted towards any creature in need. So after many hours of contacting animal groups, and calling groomers, and asking and telling everyone we could get near, The sad thing my sister named "Lady" for lack of a better name is moving onto my parents home. She is a good, sweet, and quiet dog who loves sleeping with my nephew. Now she is going to a house with many spoiled cats and 2 other dogs. I suppose it is like a retirement home of sorts. She is in great care, and to those who dumped their old, yet freshly groomed dog: you belong in a special hell.

I don't think she is old enough for a license...
 In other news, this is finally the weekend that Lillian comes home! All the build up of anticipation almost over! Now what to do with the rotten little thing once I have her? I keep hoping she and Hans fall madly in love and become two peas in a pod. If not, I have spray bottles, and I am not afraid to use them! I am sure they will play so hard they will be exhausted and unable to do anything other than snuggle with me and sleep. Cheers to good plans, and hopeful ideas! I'm off to decide what is for lunch, and solidify my plans for the weekend. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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