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Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Does This Mean I Get To Meet B.B. King??

Women's intuition is rarely wrong. I had a feeling my doctor and I would be having this discussion, and so we did, just this morning. But I am not freaked out or upset by it. Honestly, I am already eating healthy, and now I have a pill to take. Oh, and I have one of those nifty machines (just like BB King uses!) that I have to test with. I will have classes, and sessions, discussions, and educations with my family, my doctors, my insurance companies, and my friends. This ain't no thang. I will keep doing what I am doing, and in a years time, I hope the doctor can remove me from the medication. Also, I'm not just fat, it is also glandular! Apparently my thyroid levels are high, and now I have a pill for that too. No more fad diets for me. I've got pancreatitis, diabetes, and hyporthyroidism to keep me in line. I am a walking sack of medical woes. But I did it to myself, unless someone injected me with eattoomuchbadfood serum. Since I am pretty sure that doesn't exist, I don't have to add to my list of people that I'm gonna kill.;-)

Well, thankfully, since diabetes is sadly common, there is much information in the world that I can go through and learn more about what I need to do to be healthier. I know the first thought is "No more sugar!" but that isn't true. Much less sugar, yes. No sugar? Hell to the no! Also, I have heard the gem from a few people that think that diet drinks cause diabetes too. Well, if that were the case, I would have been dead years ago. I am addicted to diet drinks. I would rather drink water than try to suffer through sipping a regular coke. Ick! But according to the "experts" they did a "study" and the results said that when you go to drink a diet coke, your brain tells your pancreas "Something sweet is coming in!" and your pancreas says "My god! Scotty, release insulin stores at maximum capacity!" and over time, your body becomes resistant to the extra insulin, and viola, you are diabetic. But thankfully, it doesn't work like that. After researching this theory, even if it sounds plausible, it was a theory that has been proven wrong. Now, that's not to say that diet drinks are the poster children of a healthy life, but they aren't commie card carrying, diabeetus causing, commies either. So relax, have a diet coke. I know I am!! 

So in conclusion, I am okay. Last week, I was more stressed about the whole affair, because adding one more thing to my list of medical B.S. seemed ridiculous. But I added TWO things, and honestly, it isn't cancer (again), and these aren't the worst things I could have been diagnosed with medically. I'm already on the right path, I just need to continue to walk it. My family and friends are more than supportive, and besides my own determination, that's all I really need. It will be okay. Right Frittle?? lol

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