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Welcome to the Show!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May the Olestra Be Ever in Your Favor

Read the label carefully. Beware the Olean/Olestra!!!!
 In case you were wondering, it is officially May 1st. There is no escaping it. We are almost halfway through 2012. I can’t tell if that is a good or a bad thing. Since my hospital stay, it seems to me that time has been flying by even faster. I think I may have more doctors’ appointments than social engagements on my calendar now. I feel like a popular pincushion. This week is no exception. They have requested more blood, and other various samples from me, and because I am scared shitless of being locked up in the hospital again, I will give them anything they want. I am also very nervous about eating anything with more than 2 grams of fat per serving. So now food our bill is even higher, and my selections are limited. Thankfully, my parents decided that they would do some fat free / low fat shopping for me too, and that has been a life saver. Although, just FYI, anything fat free, that was cooked in Olean/ Olestra is NOT good for someone who is already in gastric distress. We don’t need to get into details, but let’s be sure that we steer clear. No really, don’t even buy them. 

Isn't this fun?! Apparently not...
So the weekend before pancreatitis took over my body and mind, we had a lovely normal weekend. We went to a wedding, and then to the air show with two of my nephews. We had a good time, but I realized two very important things while we were there. My first realization was that we have raised him to be a prince. We hadn’t been in the gate more than 5 minutes, and he already had me carrying nachos and a coke. Then, he was very concerned that we didn’t have chairs to sit in. When we were kids, not having chairs to sit in wouldn’t have been on my mind. We were in the presence of some spectacular airplanes. We saw a bus with a jet on it; the Blue Angels flew over our heads! A chair wasn’t needed or necessary. We had shade, and he had nachos, a drink, and a toy plane. This day should have been epic for him. But maybe turning 7 is too close to adult status. He didn’t even muster a smile for the camera as he and I got to sit in an actual Blackhawk helicopter! He seemed unimpressed. That was my second realization; he is already getting that “I’m too cool” attitude. I have photographic evidence! 

2 Cool 4 U, or Smiles

It makes me sad that he is already drifting into that stage. Thankfully, he hasn’t fallen over into the bratty kid abyss. Just this past weekend, he and I were playing “cops” and “shark attack” in the pool. He made me be the boat, as he climbed on my back, and he paddled his feet and made motor-like sounds. Ah, the fun little boy was mine for a short while. That is, until the love of his life who lives next door to my parents showed her pretty little elfin like features. After that I was “Auntie who?” and his beautiful golden haired mermaid came over an edged me out of the pool. I played second fiddle to a second grader. Shameful!! I can’t blame her; he is extremely handsome and dynamic. But that girl better watch it. I don’t like sharing! 

This is my baby!

Last but not least, I want to make sure that everyone knows how fabulously supportive my family and friends have been through out this ordeal. From my husband taking care of my dogs, and spending as much free time as he could with me in the hospital, to my sister who bought me half of Walmart to try to make me more comfortable, and like my parents, visiting every day. Not to mention my Sister in Law Leeann for sending flowers, and making overprotective phone calls. Also, the flowers and late night texting from a sister from another mister in Virginia who was there to chat with me when every one else had gone home. Last but not least the numerous friends and family on Facebook that left me messages, and words of encouragement. I know I didn’t list everything done for me since all of this medical drama has started, but I want you to know I DO appreciate it, and I love you all for being there for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so awesome. It is more than one girl deserves! 

The beautiful flowers that made my room less sterile and smelled lovely.

I really couldn't fit this in my post today, but I didn't want it to go to waste either. I have to make a public service announcement to women going to airshows in South Texas in late April. First of all, unless you are new to the area, most people catch on that we don't have mild springs. Our weather goes from hot to cold and back without much transition. We expect spring to be slightly less hot than summer, but no less muggy and windy. The second thing you need to remember, is that 1000 + people come to the airshow, parking is free, but there is a bit of a walk, and none of it is shaded. That being said, proper attire is key. Cool, loose fit clothing, and good walking shoes are a must. Hat, sunglasses, and sunblock too. But this should be common sense right? I know to some single ladies, you might see this as an opportunity to flash your goods and possibly attract some "hot fly boy action". But I didn't see that going down on the tarmac that was at least  99 degrees and with wind blowing around 40 mph. Also, men are there to look up at the planes, not down at you dressed as a hoochie on parade. I mean, I get that you want attention, but all you got was people shaking their head, and pitying at your stupidity. Next year, don't be so fashion conscious, and be genuine. You don't want someone who's first impression of you was "hooker" anyway.

I was shocked when I saw this lady. WTF were you thinking?!

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