Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Can't Breathe! My Doctor Said So

Betcha can't guess what I'm gonna be for Halloween!
So after several weeks of debating over what to be for the Halloween party, I finally have it planned out. I can't wait to get started on my costume accessories. There is less than 60 days to the party. I'm getting excited! There is still so much to work on, and get sorted out. I need to come up with new food and drink labels to fit my theme, and update the invitation. I do love party planning. It gives me all the right outlets for my likes and personality. I love being social, creating in the kitchen, crafting, and Halloween all bundled into one fabulous event. It's truly my favorite time of year.

Yesterday I had my quarterly check up at my physician's office. He patted me on the back and congratulated me on my slow but steady weight loss. Just 10 more pounds since he last saw me, but progress is progress. That puts me some where in the neighborhood of 50 lbs down. I'm getting to my goals like a snail, but a determined snail none the less. The sooner I lose this weight, the sooner I can shed some of this medical baggage. After telling my doctor how tired I have been, he suggested I may have sleep apnea. Which doesn't surprise me, only because my husband has commented on my breathing issues and snoring at night. Soon they will be calling me to do a sleep study. As much as I am all for getting healthy again, I am understanding the mentality of those who never want to go to the doctor. Why do I want to go when every time I do go, they tell me about something else that needs to be treated? Bah humbug!

Such a polite man! I bet he was just looking up her skirt...

Please. Thank you. I'm sorry. These words are in so few people's vocabularies these days. Now, just to clarify,  I am no saint. When I deem you to be unworthy of my thanks, I won't give it to you. You don't get appreciation from me for being a jackass. I've even been know to say thank you and sorry dripping in freshly squeezed sarcasm.That's not always the case. For what it is worth, I love to show my appreciation as much as I love to speak it. I work for a living. You would think that a paycheck would be enough of a thank you to keep me going. But when I do above and beyond, extraordinary work, I like for someone to acknowledge it. If no one says thanks for all the hard work, I don't feel like working. What does it matter anyways?No one appreciates the work I do. One of these days I will get fed up enough and find another job. This applies to so many areas. Teach it to your kids, and practice it more yourself. Who knows, maybe some day we will be able to go somewhere and actually have no complaints about the service!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. -Voltaire

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