Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Drama or Dogs Allowed

It's not about getting by, it's about buying hats.
I have decided to go back to working a second job. Now that may seem crazy especially since it will leave me with zero to no time at home to do anything besides eat and sleep. But sometimes, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. I applied at a pretty common department store because I have done retail before, and I generally liked it.  I have goals and plans and my 40 hour 8-5 job isn't giving me enough money to fulfill them. If I get hired to where I applied to, it will really help with Christmas shopping too. I'm one smart cookie, if I do say so myself! How ever, it will put a damper on my cooking duties at home. So, I suppose we will figure out soon if we continue about our business, or if I need  to stock up on Cup O Noodle soups.

I swear someone switched us to decaf!!
 Today has been impossibly busy, and I have been impossibly tired. I caught myself nodding off while holding for a representative over the phone. I have even nodded off twice while writing this. I know for certain I slept through the night. Somehow, I just think it is the boredom that comes with this place. It's almost too much. I know that working a 2nd job may not seem to be the best idea, but the way I am thinking about it, I'm always more alert in the evening, so hopefully it will work out. I suppose I might look into the sleep apnea story. Maybe that's my issue. Maybe my cat is the cause of my issues. I did wake up this morning to him curled up on my chest. It's Doodie apnea then. Dang cats!

Look, we did it, and now you have to do it too! 
So in a few days, school season starts. Mr Pigglesworth is onto the 2nd grade and his bro Dev is going to be a senior. As per traditions, it's time for the back to school party. As we have done every year, it will be a smorgasbord of fun and foods. (mostly it's a regular BBQ with the family) But in order to make going back to school a fun thing, we "throw a party" and make it look cool. I know all about the anxiety of going to  school. It's cool to see friends, and get to know new ones, but at the same time there is so much pressure, even as a young one. So to help bolster the kid's confidence levels, we party. My sister of course said we would need to make sure we cooked healthier foods. I wonder if carrot cake counts as health food, and if the kids will let me get away with making carrot cake? Perhaps I will make a chocolate cake, and call it done. I will figure it out when we get there I suppose.

A load of drama for me? Eh, no thanks.
I like connecting with family and friends on Facebook. It's great to keep a toe in the socialization pool. But it also causes drama. Major dump truck loads of drama. I can't seem to say something silly or say hi to people without someone or something coming back to bite me in some way shape or form. It's tiring to be worried about who you are and aren't friends with, and if your last post was offensive. I'm not worried about all that. I don't want to be worried about it either. I'm sure some people decided that Facebook is a great vehicle for revenge, but I am not one of those people. I use it for entertainment, and that is what it was meant for. I don't have an account  for anything but to get a few laughs, and to see what my friends are up to. I am not hesitating to delete anyone that brings the drama about Facebook. No one is off limits from blocking. There is no reason for drama over a website. My policy has worked for me so far. I hate to be harsh, but there it is.

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