Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Lost Halloween 2011 Pictures!

I was so excited when I looked at my camera this weekend and found pictures I never knew existed!! We had pictures from October last year, and by golly, I have a few to show! Someone actually took pictures of all the things I forgot to take pictures of.  So, now here is a few pictures of the party and Halloween night.:
Here Lies the Buffet. Complete with "Human Dip" (hummus), and Moldy cheese balls.
Since I was dressed as a witch, I needed and altar. Of course, you can see my familiar, the Lizard.           
Due to not having permissions from the party attendees to post pictures of them on my blog, I can't show you all the awesome costumes. But I do have a picture of one guest who didn't have a choice. She was my own creation, and she was spooking people from her corner of the "haunted hallway".
She's been waiting for you...
And this guy showed a lot of guts...
Halloween Night is for the trick or treaters, and we do our best to give them a fun night. We had around 1000 people in our garage last year. This year we expect even more.

Street View of Halloween night. It's like drawing moths to a flame!
And more people!

And even more still!
   If you can't tell by the pictures, we enjoy Halloween. It might be a heathen holiday, but it's ours. This year will be more of the same ghoulish delights and disgusting displays. I hope you get to join us this year, and if not, I hope we will have plenty of pictures that I won't lose for almost a year. Oops!

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