Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Derailing the Dream Weaver Train

I don't think this one is big enough...

What if you woke up, one morning, with a giant snake coiled around you and slithering over you? You didn't have to open your eyes, you just felt it, and knew it was real. Now imagine there is very little in this world that frightens you more than being any where in a mile radius of a any snake, let alone a snake this big. I didn't want to move in fear of it biting me. So I tried so hard to wake up my husband with my voice, and he wasn't responding. I was so utterly terrified he would wake to find me dead, or worse the snake would get him too. I persisted through the panic, and tried not to move an inch. The snake was constantly moving around and over my body. Finally, my words broke through his sleep, and woke him. I begged him to get the snake off of me. He sleepily told me there was no snake. He wasn't believing me, and I was about at my wits end. With one last pitiful "Please" from me, I felt him reach out and touch my shoulder. As soon as his warm hand touched me, the snake disappeared, and I actually woke up this time. I am a vivid dreamer, and frequently talk in my sleep, but this nightmare was enough to make me want to never sleep again. My friend suggested a dream catcher. I think nothing less than a snake proof house will help.

No, not really.
Most of you have heard about the big whoop-de-do over Chef-in-the-lay (as Mr. Pigglesworth would say), AKA Chick-fil-a. The CEO went publicly stated that he is against gay marriage. So of course the good citizens of these United States of America decided to draw a line in the sand. Those who were anti CFA, and those who were true supporters. Now everyone from politicians, entertainers, and even those in my town chose their side. Mike Huckabee came up with a "CFA Appreciation" day, which was today. Can you guess what happened? No? I'll tell you. CFA is making money hand over fist. Lines for miles they are reporting! Everyone who went and bought lunch today at CFA paid at least 7 dollars for a meal, and if all of the supporters on Mr. Huckabee's page actually went and ate there... You are looking at a current (low ball) estimate of $4,504,836 bonus millions for CFA. On top of the millions they were already going to make... You know what makes me sad? CFA didn't need the extra money. It's not like the employees get a piece of that money. No, instead of supporting CFA, you should have been out there supporting your local economy. Those people should have gone to the mom and pop restaurants and dumped their money at a table in their own community. Support CFA by liking their Facebook page, or sending them a letter. Not with more money! For shame!! If you want to be against gay marriage, right or wrong, that is your decision, but think before you support someone who doesn't need your support. All I am saying is, I know there are are tons of awesome small business owners that deserve your money. Chick-Fil-A is doing just fine without all the extra "support".

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