Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

We Are Shameless Geeks

and milk I hope...

Tonight is the second sleep study where I am fitted and trained for my cpap machine. I'm feel slightly disillusioned after looking at the face masks, and other equipment available. I haven't seen anything "Darth Vader-esqe" yet, and I was so looking forward to trying to lure my husband to the dark side with cookies every night! I bet the masks only come in one color, and I want a purple mask! Maybe I can find something on Pinterest to help me decorate my mask, and machine. Blingy cpap? Why yes, thank you! I found these rather festive models, and I am happy to say, I will be breathing in style this Christmas season...
All masks are sugar cookie scented! 
Tuesday night, I plan on going to my nephew's 2nd grade open house. I didn't get to see his classroom or meet his teacher yet this year, but I will make sure that is corrected tomorrow. Mr. Pigglesworth is mainly excited to see the book fair that will be there. I am excited that he loves reading now. I was worried he would be like his mom and dad, or even his Gigi, and not like reading. But thanks to Crystal's perseverance, and Sylvan Learning Centers, he is a great reader! My little redneck genius in the making. I am so proud. But what boggles my mind is how he excels in math. It's amazing. My sister and I always struggled in math. I think the gene pool smiled upon him. My baby is sensitive though. I don't know if it is because of something we have done, or it is natural for his age, but he seems to cry  and get his feelings hurt pretty easily. We hope it's a phase because how awful would it be for him to get tackled in football, and then have him bawling his eyes out while he wails on the kid that hurt him. Sigh. I feel for my sister who has no idea what to do for him in that area. Perhaps it won't be so bad as he gets older. We can only hope.

We are big fans of his incredibly big brain!
If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be excited to hear a theoretical physicist speak, I would have asked you what you were smoking, and why you weren't sharing. But I am excited that this Thursday, my husband and I get to go listen to Dr. Michio Kaku speak at the A&M campus. If you watch the Discovery Channel, or the Science channel, you have seen him. I know we have seen him on plenty of shows, and he has quickly become one of my favorite scientist. One morning while still in a sleepy fog, I tuned the tv to a local news station to hear about what was going on in the world, when this blaring commercial came on talking about Dr. Kaku coming to our little town. I was shocked! That very morning at work, I sat down and purchased our tickets. I am glad I did, because it was sold out very shortly. The wait is over, and this Thursday, we will get to hear one of the most brilliant men in the world speak. It's not like you get a chance to do that very often, if ever. Well I do, but you know, I married him, so I don't need tickets.
Shameless, yet funny!

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