Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Beebs Is Born! and Food Holiday!

Rock On, Birthday Boy!
 First of all, the love of my life is celebrating the day he split his tiny little momma in two while she gave birth to his almost 10lb baby self. We believe because he wrecked her so badly that the last two sons born just fell out and hit the floor. Hard. That is what is wrong with them. It all makes sense! All joking aside, Beebs, I hope your day is filled with coffee, smokes, and WOW (a few of your favorite things). I hope you enjoy your day off, and I will take you to have your most favorite meal when I get home, Breakfast. XoxO

So it is Thanksgiving week already, and I am tired beyond belief. This week is a very short one in the office, and thankfully after Thanksgiving lunch on Weds, we are released to go forth and stuff our faces in a traditional family setting. Or if you are my family, you are spending the weekend in the Texas brush aka "the sticks", frying a turkey. Since my husband and I aren't joining my family, we are cooking a full spread for his family, and taking it over to them like some kind of Turkey dinner delivery service. Circumstances beyond our control are preventing us from hosting the shin dig from our humble abode, and that blows. At least I can still play Sims 3 while cooking. Depending on how festive I feel, I may not even feel like dressing up in the turkey costume.

I was coming home from my sister's house the other night, and as I neared the corner I turn at, I notice a house ablaze in Christmas Glory! They had inflatables, blow-mold light ups, and lights on their lights, while the played season appropriate music. I am willing to bet the fake "snow" they had falling was actually marshmallows from a million cocoa packets. Eff that! Challenge accepted! I know Halloween is our thing, and no one does it better... That includes the family that gives out freshly popped bags of popcorn... But how are you going to set up the freaking entire catalog of decorations, more than a week before Thanksgiving, and not expect a throw down?

Anyone with a bunch of stuff could do this...
My plan is simple, don't go with quantity, go with quality! How bout an effin' winter wonderland in my front yard?! I can't go into details, because frankly I am afraid that they will read this, and know it is on, and I want it to be a sneak attack! Muwahahahahaaaa! (Yes, I have lost my mind.) But the Beebs says we can battle the neighbors, but only if I help him put away the rest of our Halloween stuff. Terms accepted! Time to go get some plywood, paint, and Christmas lights. With Beebs artistic eye, and my crafty help, we should have a steady stream of cars driving around our block.

I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day weekend, and stay safe. Don't forget, every time you tell someone the tryptophan made you sleepy, your nose will grow, because the turkey didn't do it, the rolls, tators, stuffing, and other carbs are to blame. Also, if at all possible stay far far away from Black Friday. The trend this year is Grey Thursday... be hip! hahaha

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