Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Blogging and Chapter 1 of Thanksgiving 2011: The Epic Struggle

As if one blog wasn't enough... I rolled out the red carpet on a new blog that is more about food, and food related tips than about my tongue in cheek attempt at humor of regular every day life. I hope this blog doesn't get jealous, but I really like http://adventuresofbeebseats.blogspot.com/ . Food and cooking connects me to my family, not to mention I use it as a creative outlet, and I love to eat. So, will just set the new blog to simmer and see what happens. (also I hope blogging about my other blog won't create some black hole somewhere. I will call it a Beebs Hole!)

Messy Margaret is at it again!

Thanksgiving 2011: The Epic Struggle. Chapter 1: Matriarchal Disturbances in the Force. The ladies dominate in our family. We are out numbered and out hormoned to the tune of 6 females to 14 males in my immediate family. (yes I included pets too, because we take care of them like children) My Mom, Sister and I are the Holiday Dictators, and we each have our own kingdoms. Normally, every one joins in a harmonious celebration that is always memorable, and usually fun. Occasionally, one of us will get a lofty idea and say something like: "You know instead of regular thanksgiving this year, I think we should all travel to China, and show them how to fry a turkey." That is when the agony begins for Beebslandia. This year, it was my hint a few months ago that Beebs and I may be doing Turkey Day with my hubby's family up north. It was on the table and possible, so I try to give lead time for absorption instead of dumping the idea without warning.

Immediately, Queen Mom suggest that Popsandgeegs (Mom and Dad), and Queen Frittle with her Bucktail Ranch (Sister and her fam), head 2 hours south of our kingdoms for Thanksgiving merriment and refreshments at the Ye Old Bird Lease. First of all, my oven isn't even cold, and they are excitedly planning a Beebslandia-free event. So Rude! But I didn't get upset, and I let them know all was in possibility mode, since nothing is set in stone until the ink on the tickets dries. Or so I thought. But unbeknownst to me Popsandgeegs and Bucktail ranch are making plans in full swing, regardless of my plans. We realized a few weeks ago that the greedy airlines are asking for more than our mortgage payment to fly up north. That's not gonna happen, no matter how sad it makes me. So we decided to stick to Beebslandia for now, and attempt to visit our far away family at another time.

With our flight plans filed away in the "when the airlines get their heads outta their butts" file, we confirmed our staying home status. Now, normally, we would say game on, and start working out the who is cooking what schedule. But the other kingdoms are still set on "A Country Thanksgiving" and I'm set between a rock and a hard place. You see, it all began 6 years ago when I married my husband. I got him as a package deal, that included not only a life sized Beebs action figure with roundhouse kicking action, but it came with his family, that consisted of 3 brothers, a mother, father, 2 sister in laws and at the time one nephew and a very lovely (and well missed) Abuela. The Beebs Family expansion pack is great, but now we have to split the holidays amongst the two central family factions. Our usual plan of action is to have lunch at my parents, and then have dinner with his. It is a guaranteed food coma, but everyone gets a piece of us. But now...

My family is headed 2 hours south of here, and that would be insane for us to be down there, and race back to his parents for the day. Someone is going to have to be left out of our holiday rounds. So I have made the executive decision to tell my family to be careful, and have a good time. I will see them when they get back. I didn't choose his family over mine, but I did decide that it would be better for my kingdom, if we were here, instead of traipsing across The Lone Star State like two turkey dinner hoppers. Yes, I could send Beebs to his parents, and I  could follow the pied piper to the lease, but I did that once, and it was dumb. I got married to my hubby to be with him for the rest of my life. He is my family, I took his name, and are one, and all that goo-goo ga-ga business, and dag nab it, I am going to be with my man! So, that is chapter 1of my epic turkey day struggle. Chapter 2 is actual turkey day. I hate to keep y'all in suspense, but my crystal ball is broken, and Hans (my puppy) ate all my chicken bones. Bad Puppy!

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