Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing: Weekend Edition

Well it is Friday. Thank Frijjō! After two ill days, I am still feeling old and crusty. But it is nothing that a hot shower/ hair cut and coloring/ chocolate fest/ oil change and car wash won't fix. Plus, getting pics from the Bestie showing me how big my pup is getting, and seeing my precocious nephew just add to the improvement of my condition. For the first time in 6 months, the husband and I will have the house to ourselves for an entire weekend. I am not exactly sure what that really means for us, but I have a feeling it should be significant. Tonight I am doing my sister a favor and helping her entertain her husband's new employee and his lady friend. These are the things that sisters do for each other! There are other things, but this is one I am willing to reveal.

Just imagine one with brown hair, and brown eyes...

This week was a busy one. I protested SOPA / PIPA as best I could, I made spaghetti sauce with ground turkey, and I cleaned the house. I did walk, but missed the past two days due to feeling like doodie. My goal is to go at least 2 miles now. I don't doubt I can do it, but I will have to rearrange my schedule, or get a new head chef at the house. It wouldn't be good if we ate at 8pm every night. I could get up in the morning, but that would mean getting up at 5 am. If you don't know how much I hate waking up early, let me give you a small clue:

This was after a good night's rest too...
This weekend I have no plans other than the ones I was arm-twisted into. I have no cravings, so nothing to epic to chase down and cook. These are the weekends I look most forward to, because anything or nothing could happen. Either way, I am good. Valentine's day is coming up here very soon, and I have to get on the ball. We don't normally go out to eat that weekend because every one else does. You guys can fight each other for the best tables, we are good! I will cook a nice dinner, make desert as I do every year. I have already blown our cute love story on last year's blog post, so this year I will focus on the food, and tokens of love. Since our housemate is livin' la vida loca sans girlfriend, I will include him in my planning. But what to make is the issue! I better start doing some research now! Just DAYS after, my sister turns 29 for the first time, for the rest of her life. I have plans. I'm not afraid to use them!
This file will self destruct in 2 whiskey and cokes...

Have a wet and wild weekend my friends. If you try not to walk in Monday with that "Dude where's my car" look on your face, well then so will I. There is strength in numbers, or so I hear...

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