Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Survived... The Second Week of January

Goodbye Jan 9-13th 2012. I shall not miss you!
So the second week of the year is almost over, and I couldn't be happier. This week has brought me a two day visit from the Rabid Chihuahua, and funeral for a very young woman. Both of which have left me shaken. The first was an exercise in patience for me. The Chihuahua was very needy this visit, and was quite upset that after I busted my arse putting together 15 presentations for her, I was busy helping put together a huge project for someone else. Well, who was going to call her next appointment  to tell them she was running late?!  That person was NOT me, and she didn't like it. Then she drove her unhappy neurotic self home, and left me in peace. THANK GOODNESS! The second event was a very sad affair that still doesn't make sense, and seems unreal. Spending an hour and a half with a shocked and upset family isn't exactly the best thing to do on a Tuesday night after work. I am glad I went and paid my respects, but I would say if I could go back and do it again, I would wait till the casket was closed. It further solidified my desires to be cremated, and refuse the makeup and half clothes they dress you up in. I do not want to be a doll for my family to mourn. Ick.

The Duchess Lillian of Beebslandia

In less morbid news, it is getting closer to the time my newest addition to The House Of Beebs comes home. She is just turning 1 month and 4 days old today, so I have to wait a couple more weeks for her to be ready, but little Ms. Lillian, will be gracing our home with her puppy breath soon enough. Because my BFF is awesome, she let the puppies and the mama stay with me while she was in town for the holidays, so I had a chance to snuggle and bond with my little one before she comes home for good. I'm not 100% sure if Hans will take a shine to her immediately, because she will be pretty little, and very mommy dependent for a while. But I know the bigger she gets the more they will play, and soon, his jealousy will wane, and they will be buds. The cats however, may declare mutiny. I've got to watch my back....

Kitty snipers in my back yard. Gotta wear my vest to take the dogs out.

I have a beautiful niece turning 2 years old this weekend, and a nephew recovering from strep throat. Much love and attention will be lavished on them as soon as I see them. (While using a gallon of hand sanitizer of course!) Other than loving on the little ones and attending a toddlers party, I have plans of cleaning out my bedroom, and possibly cooking some chili and cornbread for dinner. Last Sunday I was on a baking kick, and made bread pudding, and strawberries & creme cake.  This week, I am not so much into cooking as I am into eating. I have been STARVING all day long since I started exercising. Snacks have been consisting of one or two clementines. Nom. Today was carrots and a wedge of low fat cheese. I need to expand my healthy food horizons. I may attempt to make my chili with half ground turkey, and half beef. The boys may fight that idea, but fat and calories must be cut! I was told no more sodas were to be purchased for the home. I laughed at that idea. Me sans Diet Coke? That is not a smart idea. Ever.

It's there.

Life can be so crazy sometimes. Almost all of us have gone through those periods of time when, Nothing. EVER. Goes. Right. It can seem like an eternity for your off kilter life to get back in balance, only to have another event rock you to your core. I have been there, more than a few times. I am sympathetic to many who have started the year off on a bad note. It is disheartening at times to watch people go through such tragedies. But there isn't much to do other learn what you can from it, and survive these events. You may never recover what was lost, but there is almost always something gained. No matter if it is hope, or appreciation of those around you, or a gain in your own inner strength, there is a silver lining to that dark cloud. It may be hard to see right now, but it's there, I promise.

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