Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Pappy-shmappy-doodlehiemer!!

Today is a very special day in Beebslandia. We have a birthday to celebrate with the neighboring kingdoms. The guest of honor is the the one that taught us all we needed to know to be a decent human in this world. He is our example of sympathy, empathy, the golden rule, and effortless kindness. He showed us that working for what you have is the only way to truly call it yours, and that even when your family has lost their minds, you still hold love for them in your heart, no matter what. He is the reason I love reading, and can go from listening to classical music to Latino rock without blinking. Daddy is turning 58 years old today. Which is an impressive feat for an old hippie redneck who took on a battle about 10 years ago with the big "C" and won.

He shows the patience of a saint, and that happens to be one thing I wish I inherited more of from him. That and his math skills, and his blue eyes. My sister got his looks, and his compassion, and I look like his mother, and got his love of crafting and creating. But one thing you don't have to be related to him to get from him is generosity. (He has endless supplies.) He is always good for a laugh too. My sister and I get our sarcastic sense of humor from him. Our family is never lacking in laughter, and some of the funniest things we hear are Daddy's off the cuff remarks. We lovingly call them "Johnny-isms". Some are not for public ears/eyes. But some are just downright hilarious.
"It was so weak it couldn't run a piss ant's motorcycle around a peanut shell." This is speaking in terms of truck torque and horsepower. Daddy is a Ford man. All others suck. Deal with it.  

"You are letting your alligator mouth over run your tadpole butt." I personally heard this one a few times while growing up. I would guess it still applies!

"He couldn't pour rain out of a boot with a hole in the toe and directions on the heel." Well, this one is pretty self explanatory isn't it?

 He could be a history professor, a mechanic, an admiral in the Navy, and so many other things he is good at, or just knows about. But he isn't. He is a humble man that takes pride in his family, and is such an outstanding Papa to his grandson, he makes me want to have kids that much more. Happy 58th birthday to you Daddy. Thanks for always being there, and for making us into the family we are today.

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