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Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Politics Make Wounds Ooze and Flesh Crawl

Politicos scream in the dead of night!
Here we are, one week away from Halloween, and the scariest things going on have been the political arguments sprouting up. I know when it's a presidential election year, the political pressures from both sides are pouring in. But some people are get-in-your-face angry about your choice of elected official. Which is incidentally why I don't usually say who I am voting for with any seriousness. Honestly, It's my choice. I am not an undecided, I know who I am voting for, and that's that. But from the left and right sides, my eyes are bombarded with insults and ridiculousness that usually follows with any other simulated blood sport. I prefer to keep my toes out of the shark infested waters.

What's this?
I feel like Skeleton Jack seeing "Christmas Town" for the first time when I read someone leaving a clear and non derogatory comment. I say leave the mudslinging to the people who are getting paid to do it, like the candidates. But there are a few people out there that can do it. I honestly don't see how some people feel that the more they pound their point home no matter if in person or on social network, the greater the chance of changing someone's mind. It just isn't going to work. You come off looking like a bully.  When you start posting random links to websites that anyone could have made, while insisting it is all facts, you make yourself look foolish. I can't honestly say I trust any website to give the 100% truth or be non biased in some way. Also, I have a theory that everyone says that they are undecided, really isn't undecided. I am thinking they just don't want to be beaten up by the people of the other candidate. It doesn't make their choice wrong or right. I think it means that people are good at making up their own minds, and they don't need or want your help. If they do want your help, I am sure they will ask.

And they call him Sandy Clawwwwwzzzzz!
Now that we are at the last few days of October, it is officially time to start making my list and checking it twice. Christmas is going to be very crafty this year. I just need to get my sewing machine fixed, and a few buckets of glue and glitter... I promise it will be pretty! The only person I don't have an idea for is my hubby. He always has a list of items, but few of them are affordable or physically feasible. I suppose I will have to get creative this year. I am currently trying to figure out how I am going to come up with the desire to take down the Halloween decor and make room for the Christmas things. I have until Thanksgiving right? Time to trade in the zombie helpers for elves!

 (Just so you know, I am not just tooting my own horn about my crafts! Mr. Pigglesworth shot and narrated this video himself. Here is my very first customer review!)

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