Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Don't Mess With The Beebshan

Ah, the old laptop nap. Been there, did that. (yesterday.)
48 days after my first sleep study, I am officially a cpap user. It took what seemed like an eternity, and some "let me speak to your supervisor!" before I could even get to this point. I got it home last night, mildly excited that I might actually feel rested when I woke up. Yesterday at the office, I was on the phone with the rabid chihuahua, working on several accounts, when I started falling asleep. I wasn't on hold or waiting. I was literally speaking and typing one minute, and the next I was murmuring nonsensical words and nodding off. What if I was in the car?? I felt like a narcoleptic! I would smack my face, and shake my head, but a few minutes later, I was nodding off again. I had high hopes for myself this morning. I woke up at 5:30, and decided to sleep one hour without the machine on, hoping to reduce face mask marks. I woke up at 6:15 as per Lucifina's usual whining, and didn't feel like doing a triple salchow. I was left wondering "where is this new person I was supposed to be feeling like?" Of course, after doing some research this morning, I find out that you really don't feel the effects until after 3 weeks. Back to waiting? Patience is a virtue I do not have.

It also comes in pink!!
So on top of not feeling like a million bucks as I was promised, I wake up to find a very large and sore red spot on the bridge of my nose. Also, my face is drier than a popcorn fart even with the humidifier on! So I went to the internets to see if I could find a feasible solution, and I found the cpap cushion you see above. For the low, low price of $15 a month, I too can have the ultimate in comfort. Also it comes in a fashionable pink color, what more could I ask for? For just .50 a day or $180 a year?! Sign me up! Actually, my second option was to buy gel shoe inserts and call it done. They may not be pink, but I am willing to bet they will be just as comfortable.

Warning: Bad moods are contagious.
I am not am empath in the least. But I am not blind to people's crappy moods. Sometimes it is a tone of voice, or the way a question is answered. Most of the time it can be ignored, or talked through. Of course getting to the problem is like chewing laffy taffy, because for some reason no one wants to admit their foul mood. A bitterly spoken "I'm fine" is almost always a clear indicator that they want you to dig and beg and pry until they let go of what ever is making them upset. Most of the time I have patience for the digging and the bitchiness. But their are times when I am tired and my good mood is hanging on by a few tattered strings from a long day. In those cases, I am not going to appease you, and you can take your crappy attitude and shove it up your... well, you get where it's going! Of course that usually means : A.) there is an excuse as to why you were mad that doesn't have anything to do with me or  B.) deny and accuse (tell me that you were perfectly fine, and that it was I who was in a bad mood). Either way isn't going to make things better. If you find yourself doing either of these things, just stop. Apologize, and let it be done. Pretending it didn't happen doesn't help either. How do you feel after someone bites your head off, and you had done absolutely nothing to deserve it? Personally, I feel the need to bite back.

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