Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, December 3, 2012

I Did and I Still Do

Today is most assuredly Monday. Not only did my dogs dig out yet again, I was running late for work. Of course I decided to take the freeway to work because it is faster, only to realize that everyone else in my city was apparently running late too.  But all of that is negated by the fact that seven years ago, I was standing in front of my friends and family trying to get through my vows without bawling, and failing. Of course my sister in law told me to keep some tissue in my cleavage, and boy howdy, did that come in handy. The funniest part was when I started crying, the hubby's grip on my hand went from sweaty/nervous groom to, "It's too late to run now!" He clamped down on my fingers, and got his feet shoulder-width apart, ready to trip me, or run me down.

Of course, I am elaborating. Really, he did grip my fingers harder, and yes his hands were sweaty. He didn't get ready to trip me, but I did see worry flicker in his eyes. I wasn't crying because I was scared, I was crying because I was finally there. I was finally marrying him! It was surreal.  After the wedding, we went home, changed out of our wedding clothes and went back over to my parents' where the keg and other party goers had relocated. We caught up with friends and ate pizza. Our wedding night was a memorable one. We ended up taking our nephew and the hubby's best friend home with us. We had a discussion on the the why's and why not's of circumcising baby boys. (friend's wife was pregnant) We put our nephew and friend to bed, and just as our heads hit our pillows, we passed out. We didn't get a honeymoon, because he had to work on Monday.

On our 20th anniversary, I want to renew our vows, while we are on a trip to Italy. As per my best friend: "Your husband should get a medal for putting up with you for 7 years." Yes, and I should get a trip to Italy for putting up with him for 20 years. Only 13 more years to go!

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