Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, November 30, 2012

One More for the Road

I packed my bags last night, pre-flight. Zero hour: 4 p.m. And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then. This will be my last daily blog, for a while at least! Christmas and all the various sundries attached to it needs my attention right now. Spending an hour trying to think of something to write, and rewriting it is a time killer.   Not that I haven’t enjoyed sharing myself with all of you daily, but it’s not easy trying to think of things to write about every single day. I mean, even my life isn’t that exciting.

Today I am wrapping up another month here at the office. There are so many small things to do that quickly adds up to a massive pile. My options are finish it out, or burn it. Since my clients tend to get upset when I burn their requests, I just process. It never fails that at 4:50, on the last day of the month, which also happens to be a Friday, there will be one person who calls me with an emergency. They sit on this stuff until it is almost too late, and then dump it on my plate. This is highly annoying, but also par for the course.

Soon enough, I might be beating the streets begging for any old job I can find. Turns out, since September my boss has been in dealings with another agency in town. The plan is for our office to merge with theirs. I have suspected this for a long time. But the issue is it will be happening by the end of the coming month.  The building we are in has sold, and the new owners really want to move in ASAP. To stay in compliance with my boss’s sterling reputation, he has kept quiet about the entire process. When the owners of the other company stopped by for a closed door meeting, we knew the jig was up.

One of my coworkers asked the Office Nazi what was going on. He told her that our competitor stopped by because he was buying the furniture.  Our old broken down, held together on hopes and prayers furniture? Not likely. That’s like telling a 10 year old the reason Santa’s beard is lopsided, his breath smells like whiskey, and he sounds exactly like Uncle Al, is because Uncle Al is Santa. We aren’t that stupid. I’m insulted you think I would even fall for that. My placement here hangs in the balance. It’s nerve wracking. But I’m not forcing my hand. I am waiting for the announcement to make the decision as to what I will be doing. My resume is all over the immediate area. If a company is hiring, then I have applied for it. I like to be proactive. But the hour is getting late, and I really hate to be on unemployment. I’m hoping everything works out for the best, but I am planning for trying times. The Hubby and I have discussed selling the house and moving into a trailer behind his parents’ house.  But the only way I could do that is if I was barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, and was bat shit crazy. Since I only usually qualify for the in the kitchen part, we will have to come up with a different plan.

HUGE thanks for reading all month long!  400 more page views and I will have reached 10,000 views!!!! That is simply amaze-balls! 1979 page views for November alone. Thanks to every single person out there who reads and passes my page on. I heart you.

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