Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Jaws of Life and Sewing Go Hand in Hand

This past weekend was the kind of weekend I like. I was spread thin amongst everyone, but I had fun. First of all my beautiful niece turned 1 on Friday. She was just the cutest cherub the entire time, even when she was fussy. Did you know you can make a roomful of 6 foot 200lb+ men into mush? Yea just put this girl into a room with her uncles, daddy and grandpa. The second she cried she had all of them calling her name, trying to make her smile, and distracting her. Bow down to her, she is all powerful!

For those of you who only had boys, you got robbed. The cutest clothes are for girls only. My niece got a strawberry outfit. A STRAWBERRY! The cuteness of it will blind you. I was struck speechless at the undeniably adorable fluffy skirt and leggings that came with it.  Even manly men will say "AWW". Sure you can buy boys cute shirts with dinos on them. We buy that stuff for Hayden all the time. But nothing comes close to dressing up your precious bambina in a fruit themed outfit. You can't dress a boy up like fruit unless it is Halloween, and even then people wonder why you didn't do spiderman or batman.

Any-who, I took Hayden to my niece's party as my date because Steve had continuing ed class. As usual he was handsome, well behaved,  and shy around the girls. He ate cake and kept me entertained. What more could you ask for? He even went to HEB with me, and was a good sport about it. (He must be related to me, because he hates HEB as much as I do) So I spoiled the heck out of him like Aunties do, and let him get whatever he wanted. He got a chocolate doughnut, pork rinds, Fruit by the Foot, a motorcycle toy and M&M's. (the essentials) Of course he didn't eat the doughnut, ate 1/2 a bag of the pork rinds, didn't open his Fruit by the Foot, and shared his M&M's with Gigi. His mom tried to reprimand me for spoiling him, but you know what? I am bigger and older than she is. I don't have to listen to her, nanny-nanny boo-boo!

I did spend time with adults this weekend. I went to a co-workers birthday party for an entire hour. It was fun. Sunday I went shopping with Crystal, and had a very unhurried and relaxed time. Until I went to buy work pants. That was a waste of time. I did however, get a nice shirt and a sweater thanks to Crissy. I decided I was going to make work pants. So I we went to JoAnn's. I found a pattern for an entire outfit, for $.99. Rock on! We also found a pattern for a purse, and I told Crystal I would make it for her! I figured out what materials, and all the notions and such. I went to the counter and while we waited, I realized that the purse called for something called "interfacing".

I know about interfacing in computing, and I know nothing of sewing. I was struck clueless. The lady at the counter took our fabric, and started cutting as I instructed. I asked her what interfacing was. She said "You have never sewn anything before have you?" I shook my head, and she took pity on me. Right then and there she gave me a crash course on sewing. She was awesome. Not one person waiting in line behind us begrudged me my impromptu lesson either. She went so far as to show me how to read the patterns. I told her I would come by and show her my work. I purchased the things I would need, and got home only to realize the purse pattern that she was reading from was not in my bag. I must have left it on the counter. DUH!!

So the purse project is second. I will make the pants first. I should have chosen something easier to start with, like pillows. I will probably end up with something that closely resembles MC Hammer pants.

Although, this combined with the Theo shirt could be a great Halloween costume! Who wants to be MC THEO this year???

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound right? If you happen to pass by my house in the next few evenings, and hear mumbled cursing and odd crying, that is just me, trying to figure out what the heck I am doing. If you see ambulances at my house, that is because I sewed my hand to my pants, and in my panic, got tangled up the thread. They will have to call in the jaws of life to separate me and my sewing machine. It's okay, I have good insurance.

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